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  • Throughout these lessons we'll be diving into some of the techniques that can be used within After Effects in order to create motion studies for UI and UX designs. So, in this tutorial, we explore the versatility of shape layers, use sliders and expressions to gain more control over our compositions and reduce clutter, and, by the end, learn how to take static comps and bring them to life. As we focus on why motion design is an important part of the design process, we'll discover how motion studies can be a valuable alternative to prototypes. Software required: After Effects CC 2014, Photoshop CC 2014, Illustrator CC 2014, Sketch 3.

  • UX Engineering Process by Bill Scott

    Bill Scott leverages his experience as Director of UI Engineering at Netflix and now Sr. Director at PayPal to teach us concepts behind delivering great experiences in the interfaces we build. He applies lean startup principles to UI engineering in order to teach how to develop an effective process, team and lean tech stack to achieve rapid experimentation and learning in the products we build.

  • Understanding User Experience (UX) and how to improve it is a key skill for any modern developer. Unfortunately, many developers have a difficult time embracing UX due to its nebulous and design-focused nature. This course will give you a super-simple, crystal-clear understanding of UX and will teach you how to incrementally improve it by hacking your users' brains. In the end, you will have the knowledge necessary to make you a better developer, and make you much more valuable in this new age of user experience.

  • Throughout this tutorial we'll follow the UX process in the creation of a mobile game. Along the way, we'll highlight how we can use tools and methods to help us apply our current UX thinking within the creative process to ensure a holistic and valuable experience. This training will require you to understand some of the basic methods of user research, visual design principles and layout design. Many people mistakenly think that "UX" is all about the user's experience, but it's actually more about a process of understanding and communicating ideas that solve the users' needs, the client's goals and the project's ambitions with a forever changing technological landscape. The goal of this training is to help creatives to connect the dots and grow better within their own work. Software required: Adobe Illustrator CC, Omnigraffle, Keynote .