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Pluralsight courses

  • This course teaches the fundamentals of the major storage capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6. Topics include Disks, Partitions, Filesystems, Logical Volume Manager (LVM), Network Attached Storage (NFS, Samba, CIFS), and Storage Area Networking (iSCSI). The course is heavily hands-on, and maps to objectives required for Red Hat certifications, including RHCSA and RHCE.

  • Shell Scripting with Bash by Reindert-Jan Ekker

    Bash shell scripts allow you to automate just about any task on a UNIX system. They combine the power of all the UNIX userland utilities with a powerful scripting language. Whether you are a system administrator, a developer or a power user, shell scripts will make you more productive.

  • Meet Mercurial by Dan Benjamin

    Many developers have embraced distributed source code control as a faster, more agile way of managing projects both online and offline. Mercurial is not only fast, it also provides a smooth transition for developers who are already comfortable with Subversion's basic command set. And it gives you easy access to common functionality without resorting to cryptic command-line flags. It works well on all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. Learn it quickly with our Mercurial tutorial! Major projects such as Python and Mozilla use Mercurial. Project hosting options abound, including Google Code, BitBucket, and even GitHub via the experimental hg-git! In this course, Dan Benjamin draws on years of experience with source code control systems to get you up to speed with Mercurial. In fact, he was so impressed with Mercurial that he converted all his personal projects and is now using it daily. Even if you primarily use Git or another distributed system, this course will help you for those times when you want to clone or contribute to a project hosted in Mercurial. And maybe you'll even learn some tips to take back to your SCM of choice.

  • Meet the Command Line by Dan Benjamin

    Whether you're never been introduced to the Unix command line, or you're already familiar, you'll benefit greatly from the tips and tricks shown in this course. We'll start with the basics - the basic assumptions of Unix, how to look for help, and how to confidently work with files, directories, and programs. We've also included a bonus 60 page PDF reference guide to help you master the Unix command line. From there we'll explore advanced command line topics. You'll learn to organize your configuration files so you can start building a lifelong collection of useful tools. You'll learn to customize your prompt and navigate it like a pro. You'll learn shortcuts for reusing previous commands, searching your history, and modifying previous commands before running them again. Aliases and functions will turn monotonous tasks into short, powerful custom commands.

  • Smash into Vim by Andrew Stewart

    Experienced Vim master, water polo captain, and former British intelligence officer Andrew Stewart teaches you the very basics of Vim. You don't need any previous knowledge of Vim - we'll take you from the beginning. Module 1 will teach you to install Vim, use Vim for simple editing via SSH, configure Vim with sensible defaults, use operators and commands, and work with files, windows and buffers. Module 2 will teach you to productively use Vim's text editing, movement, and manipulation capabilities.

  • The command line is one of the most important tools for a Linux/UNIX power user. Bash is the default login shell on Linux and Mac OS, and adding it to your skillset will open up a whole new world of possibilities. For one thing, it gives you access to a huge number of command line utilities, simplifying many everyday tasks. But Bash also provides you with a powerful scripting language for automating just about anything. For remote access and system administration, Bash is an absolute must.