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Pluralsight courses

  • Practical PhoneGap by Shawn Wildermuth

    App development is crucial to succeeding in most jobs these days. Even if you aren't building apps directly, you'll likely be involved in the app development process. In this course, we'll show you how you can use existing HTML, JavaScript and CSS skills and assets to build mobile apps using their simple model. We'll also show you when you wouldn't want to use PhoneGap and where it fits into most developers bag of tricks.

  • Introduction to PhoneGap by John Sonmez

    PhoneGap is an exciting mobile platform that allows mobile developer to build a mobile application using HTML and JavaScript. This course is designed to get you started with PhoneGap by teaching you the basics of creating a PhoneGap application. In this course we will develop a PhoneGap application using the Windows Phone 7 tools and JQuery Mobile. We will also learn how to use some of the PhoneGap native APIs to access the native libraries of various mobile platforms. Finally, we will learn how to use PhoneGap Build to build our application for iOS, Android and more!