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  • In this WordPress CMS tutorial we'll learn how to download and install WordPress on your computer to start creating WordPress sites locally. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world, powering over 20% of the entire web. If you want web software that can help you create powerful websites with features that allow you to easily manage a site and add content and just about any functionality at the click of a button, then WordPress is for you. We'll get familiar with WordPress's interface by learning how to create a new website from scratch with an existing theme. We'll also learn best practices for WordPress like how to choose themes and plugins, customizing a pre-existing theme with CSS or a child theme, and things to look out for before publishing a site. Software required: WordPress, Web Browser, XAMPP.

  • In this WordPress tutorial, we'll create a child theme for the WordPress website platform. We'll take an existing theme as a starting point and use Firefox Web Developer tools and its live preview to dissect and stylize our own version to create a custom site design. From this WordPress training you'll learn to interpret CSS code so that you can develop your own child themes. Software required: WordPress, Firefox, CSS3, FTP, HTML5, Photoshop CS5.

  • Creating a Blog with Ghost by Susan Simkins

    Are you interested in using a blogging platform that focuses purely on the heart and soul of a blog? Ghost's elegant content-first approach is sure to please the blogging purist. In this training we'll learn about the Ghost blogging platform, from choosing themes and making basic customizations, to learning how to use Ghost's simple approach to writing to maximize content creation efficiency. While we'll be going through everything step-by-step, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will help you understand the process of customizing a theme. If you feel comfortable opening and editing HTML files with a text editor, and writing basic CSS selectors, you will be able to follow along in this tutorial. We will also discuss some technical aspects of Ghost, although you don't need to understand it to create your blog or follow along in this tutorial. Software required: Web Browser, Ghost, Text Editor.