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Pluralsight courses

  • Analyzing terabytes of data can be daunting, so what do you do with petabytes? The era of Big Data is upon us and it's time to sharpen up the toolbox in this new genre of systems and technologies. In this course Ben explains the evolution of Big Data systems, as well as, the various architectures and popular vendors in this space. After covering the fundamentals of Big Data systems Ben covers how to access these systems using Tableau Software. Using Tableau Software he covers how to work with your Big Data and visualize in ways that will leave your boss singing your praise.

  • This course goes through how to use Excel as an analytics client for BI and Big Data. With coverage applicable to several versions of Excel, but with emphasis on the new capabilities of Excel 2013, the content includes details on, and numerous demos of, the analytics capabilities in the core Excel product and its add-ins, including PowerPivot, Power View, and preview add-ins code-named "Data Explorer" and "GeoFlow." This course provides great detail on each tool and shows how they can be used in combination, as well as, with data from HDInsight/Hadoop; Microsoft's Big Data Platform. Tie-ins to SharePoint are discussed and integration with Office 365 is demoed.

  • Quickly master Google Analytics with this hands-on, scenario-driven course and start measuring the performance of your websites today. This course begins with the basics on how Google Analytics works to collect your website visitor's activity and when this activity data will be visible in reports to you, as well as, provides you step by step instructions to get the default tracking setup on your site. From there, we add on the types of activity you can track and how you enable tracking for common scenarios, including: tracking page views and events (e.g., link clicks and file downloads), e-commerce transactions, social love (e.g., Likes), and marketing campaigns. We then look at some approaches you can use to protect yourself from noise and information overload, and conclude showing how to use Google Analytics Core Reporting and Management API's from your own applications and considerations for using Google Analytics in mobile device applications.