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Pluralsight courses

  • ASP.NET Ajax JavaScript and jQuery by Fritz Onion & Scott Allen

    This course covers the details of working with JavaScript and jQuery in the context of ASP.NET Ajax

  • ASP.NET Ajax Fundamentals by Fritz Onion

    ASP.NET Ajax is a Web development framework for building richer, more interactive Web applications. This new Web development framework from Microsoft provides both client-side and server-side components for closing the gap between web and desktop user interfaces. ASP.NET Ajax's browser-neutral client script library is easily integrated with existing Web applications (including ASP.NET 1.* and non-.NET sites), improving response times and enhancing UIs with DHTML and Javascript features that in the past would have taken enormous development efforts and extensive client-side knowledge. ASP.NET 2.0 applications can take advantage of ASP.NET Ajax's server-side features to further enhance their UIs, often through simple markup. This course walks you through the components of ASP.NET Ajax, asks you to build a number of Ajax-enabled applications, and shows how best to leverage the capabilities of Ajax to make your clients' experiences richer.

  • This course covers advanced topics in ASP.NET Ajax including custom controls, application design, and debugging.