Understanding Microsoft .NET

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Since the initial announcement in 2000, Microsoft's .NET platform has had a dramatic impact on how applications are developed and deployed. With the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and the next major release of the .NET Framework, Microsoft has provided developers with a new set of tools and technologies to further simplify the creation of complex applications.

This intensive one day seminar will introduce you to .NET, the underlying .NET Framework and the three core areas of application development:

  • Window Forms, for rich GUI applications
  • ASP.NET for systems targeted at the web
  • Web Services and service oriented architecture

Examining both the why and the how of .NET, it will enable you to assess the impacts and opportunities associated with this exciting technology, as well as gain a solid understanding of some of the important issues involved in working with .NET.
The seminar consists of a mixture of interactive lectures and demonstrations, the latter using Visual Studio and languages such as Visual C# and Visual Basic 2005. Coverage of newer products, such as Visual Studio 2005 Team System, is also included.

The seminar consists of a sequence of informative lectures, combined with demonstrations of the development technologies and techniques using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Target Audience:

Anyone who is involved in the specification, design and development of products and solutions for either the World Wide Web or for Microsoft Windows, and who wants to gain an insight into, or understand the impacts and advantages for their business of, Microsoft .NET.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the elements of the .NET architecture
  • Describe the different components of the .NET Framework
  • Explain the nature of the Common Language Runtime and the Common Type System
  • Assess the impacts involved with moving to .NET
  • Describe the different development models and technologies available today
  • Explain the capabilities of ASP.NET (including version 2), Windows Forms and Web Services in application development
  • Describe Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  • Prerequisites

    • Delegates should have prior experience in specifying, developing, or managing the development, of applications using Java, C or Visual Basic.
    • Experience of server side programming using Active Server Pages and an understanding of internet infrastructure would also be beneficial.


    An overview of .NET

    • Introduction to .NET
    • Why .NET?
    • .NET architecture

    Introducing the .NET Framework

    • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • Common Type System (CTS)
    • Base Class Library
    • Managed execution
    • Introducing window forms
    • Introducing web forms
    • Introducing web services

    Development tools and languages for .NET

    The .NET Framework SDK; The C# and Visual Basic 2005 programming languages; Visual Studio 2005; Visual Studio 2005 Team System


    ASP.NET explained; The ASP.NET architecture; Core features of ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0

    Web Services

    Service and SOA; Web Services and ASP.NET; Using web services in your applications

    Database access using ADO.NET

    The new ADO.NET data access model; Managed providers; Disconnected data access and the DataSet

    Windows Forms

    Writing rich GUIs using Windows Forms


    WinFx; Seminar review

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