Ubuntu 10.04 for Support Engineers

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This is an intensive introduction to Linux. We will aim to demystify this operating system and provide the basis for a high level of confidence when working with any Linux vendor, although we will concentrate on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS distribution methods and environment. This will be a customised event delivery, based on QA's mainstream Essentials of Linux Administration and Advanced Linux Administration courses.

The material suggested can be covered in 5 days, but the pace will depend on the delegate ability to assimilate what will be to them a brand new technology. The instructor will use significant amount of discretion throughout, adjusting the depth of the discussion and the exercises to the delegate level as the course progresses.

Delegates will be able to understand the philosophy of Linux, and work with any Linux version, with the emphasis on Ubuntu distribution environment. The delegates should leave with the confidence in manipulating files and directories; understand file and directory permissions; be able to filter data with filters and grep in particular; be able to read and broadly understand the purpose and behaviour of both BASH scripts.

By far the most important aim, however, is to give the delegates the confidence in operating in a Ubuntu environment.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the origins and place of Linux in the market
  • Work with Linux shells, in particular BASH
  • Navigate the filesystem and manipulate files and directories
  • Edit files using Linux editors
  • Manipulate data with a selection of filter tools
  • Use redirection and piping techniques
  • Perform basic system interrogation tasks
  • Read and understand BASH shell script
  • Configure Ubuntu boot process and system services
  • Perform system auditing by inspecting logs
  • Understand kernel' architecture and install and manage kernel module
  • Configure and perform basic troubleshooting of the network interface
  • Configure a host to participate on the TCP/IP network
  • Install and manage Ubuntu software packages
  • Administer and troubleshoot Ubuntu file systems


The course is aimed at existing IT professionals with little or no UNIX/Linux experience, who require a quick start in a Linux environment.


  • Understanding of operating system principles
  • Familiarity with operating in a CLI (Command Line Interface) environment
  • Some exposure to any UNIX or Linux is very advantageous
  • Familiarity with basic issues of working with networked systems

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 5 days
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