Open Source Cyber Intelligence - Advanced

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This course provides delegates with Advanced knowledge in Open Source Cyber Intelligence. Building on the Introduction course this takes the gathering and finding of Open Source Cyber Intelligence to the next level with in-depth use of advanced tools that are vital for covert internet investigations and intelligence gathering. The course is highly practical allowing delegates the time to explore and understand the tools and resources covered.


During this course delegates will learn:

  • Advanced search engine techniques and Google hacking
  • How to describe the ways mobile devices can cause and opportunity and risk
  • Tracking users with GPRS and SSID
  • Advanced software required for safe internet investigations
  • How to use open source encrypted anonymity services
  • Familiarity with use of Tor and accessing Tor Hidden Services (THS) and other Dark Webs
  • How Virtual currencies work, particularly Bitcoin
  • Advanced knowledge needed when capturing digital evidence for court


this course is intended for anyone who wishes to be able to utilise advanced software and tools for finding intelligence gathering and investigation on the Internet and World Wide Web. It will be of particular interest to those in the private and public sector investigation or intelligence collection fields.


The Open Source Cyber Intelligence - Introduction ( ) is a required prerequisite for taking this course.

Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques.


Module 1 - Advanced search and Google hacking

Find important information that may pose a risk to an organisation using Google hacking and advanced search

Module 2 - Mobile devices; threats and opportunities

The ubiquity of mobile devices in our modern lives and the data they are constantly transmitting represents both a threat and an opportunity to investigations. Tracking can also be done using Wifi, GPRS, MAC, SSID.

Module 3 - Protecting your online footprint and spoofing

Protecting your online footprint is key to any intelligence gathering or investigation. Being able to pretend to be somewhere or someone else is just as important.

Module 4 - Advanced software

Using Virtual Machines, Sandboxing, and other software tools such as Tails, Kali Linux and Wireshark to ensure safety while investigating.

Module 5 - Hacking forums and dumping websites

Finding and using intelligence exposed by hackers and criminals online.

Module 6 - Encryption and anonymity tools

Use open source software for encrypted communications such as PGP and GPG. Understand how to verify and certify files and downloads.

Module 7 - Tor, Dark Web and Tor Hidden Services (THS)

Install, use and understand how Tor works. Accessing THS and how to do it safely and legally. Explore the Dark Web of markets and underground criminal forums.

Module 8 - Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies

This module will cover how virtual currencies work, with particular focus on Bitcoin and how payments can be tracked. The other technologies being built around virtual currencies will be covered as well as the other major virtual currencies. Virtual currency tumblers.

Module 9 - Other Dark Webs and Darknets

There are many other Dark Webs or Darknets. This module will look at the alternative Webs and Nets including I2P and Freenet.

Module 10 - Advanced evidential capture

Hashing of evidence for future use in court and forensic tools required. Capturing live RAM. Dealing with encryption.

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Duration: 2 days
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