Microsoft DevOps Practitioner

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DevOps is a new practice emerging from the combination of practices in both Development and Systems Operations. It is a software development and delivery practice that spans both practices and is concerned with fast delivery and deployment of new software by taking an agile approach to systems management. Systems as well as software should be test driven by design, and processes should be automated as much as possible.

The Microsoft DevOps Practitioner course is linked to our standard DevOps Practitioner course, however this course gives a Microsoft flavour to the software used. This course takes a hands on approach to DevOps with delegates not only following through tutorials and getting practical experience, but also working in groups to create a full end-to-end pipeline. In five days the course covers the basics of using the Azure cloud, provisioning servers, using source control continuous integration and deployment systems, containerisation, configuration management and monitoring.


This course is aimed at people both on the developer and operations side of DevOps within your company.



  • Have had some experience as either a developer, operations or DevOps
  • Feel comfortable with basic terminal commands in Linux and using PowerShell
  • Understands the concepts of source control


  • Experience using git
  • Programming experience


Throughout the course delegates will undertake a case study in which they work in groups to research and create a full DevOps pipeline to deploy and monitor a given piece of software. They will be expected to automate the process of moving code from the initial commit stage through to monitoring a deployed piece of software and give a presentation at the end of the course stating what they have achieved, how and why they made the choices they did.

Day 1:

  • What is DevOps
  • The DevOps pipeline
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Provisioning servers
  • Source control with Git and Team Foundation Server

Day 2:

  • Build managers with NuGet
  • Introduction to CI/CD
  • CI/CD with visual studio online

Day 3:

  • What are containers
  • Introducing Docker
  • Native containers in Windows
  • Docker file definitions
  • Creating a Docker trusted registry

Day 4:

  • Provision management with Visual Studio
  • Configuration management with Chef
  • Putting it all together

Day 5:

  • Monitoring cloud services with Azure
  • Monitoring with Azure - Cloud Metrics
  • Application Insights
  • Case Study presentations

Training provider

Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 5 days
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