Managing Projects Using Visual Studio Online

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Visual Studio Online (VSO) provides a set of collaboration tools that teams can use to deliver value
in the form of working software. VSO supports teams and projects of all shapes and sizes. This one day course will show you how to configure and use Visual Studio Online so that a team can plan and track its development work. Students work in teams, on a common case study, in a common team project.


This course is appropriate for all members of a software development team, especially those team members actively involved with creating and refining a product backlog as well as planning work for a sprint. This course will also provide value for members outside the team (managers, Scrum Masters, coaches, stakeholders, etc.) who want a better understanding of how VSO works, what kind of information it can track, and what information can be reported.


Having some project management and software development experience, either as a team member or as a project manager, is recommended. Experience with Agile software development, Scrum, and Visual Studio are also helpful, but not required. Attendees should read and be familiar with the Scrum Guide.


This course contains several modules, progressively explaining how to use Visual Studio Online to manage a software development project.


  • Visual Studio Online overview
  • Team Web Access
  • Planning and creating a team project
  • Securing and configuring a team project
  • Teams, profiles, and alerts
  • Lab


  • Areas and iterations
  • Scrum process template overview
  • Work items, characteristics, and categories
  • Product Backlog page
  • Product Backlog Item vs. Bug work item type
  • Portfolio management, linking work items, hierarchies
  • Kanban board
  • Tagging, querying, and charting work items


  • Setting up a new sprint
  • Forecasting work in the Product Backlog
  • Creating a sprint backlog
  • The Task Board and the Task work item type
  • Tracking daily work and other activities
  • Web-based test case management
  • Creating a test plan for the sprint
  • Lab

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 1 day
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