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In QA's Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 2 course, we show you how to create and manage PivotTables, Slicers and PivotCharts: some of Excel's most powerful features for analysing data. This course takes PivotTables to the next level, teaching you how to use PowerPivot: a free add-in available only for Microsoft Excel 2010. PowerPivot links in with PivotTables, however the data used, can be manipulated and managed as though you were using a Relational Database (such as SQL or Access).

Please Note: PowerPivot will not work on Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2007, it is solely designed for Microsoft Excel 2010.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use a wide variety of data sources within PowerPivot
  • Create calculations within PowerPivot
  • Manage various PivotTables creates by PowerPivot


This course is designed for intermediate/advanced Microsoft Excel professionals who may work or be interested in the domains of finance, statistics, project analysis, market analysis or general data manipulation. They will have a need to create PivotTables on a regular basis and to produce reports with multiple PivotTables/PivotCharts to produce 'Business Intelligent' type dashboard reports.


  • A good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • A good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2010
  • A basic knowledge of Database Relationships (if relevant to your work)
  • Understand formula/function writing to manipulate data
  • Understand basic features of PivotTables, such as the areas designed for fields

To ensure your success, we recommend the following courses have been undertaken, or equivalent knowledge gained:

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2010: Level 2

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites, or your organisation does not use Microsoft Excel 2010, you may be asked to leave.


Module 1 - PivotTable Review

  • Why Use a PivotTable?
  • PivotTable Hints and Tips
  • Connecting to External Data with PivotTables

Module 2 - Introduction to PowerPivot

  • PowerPivot Overview
  • Where do I get PowerPivot from?
  • Identifying PowerPivot

Module 3 - Connecting to Single Table Data Sources

  • Connecting to Data Different Sources
  • Pasting data into PowerPivot
  • Checking PowerPivot can Produce Results
  • Excel (flat-file database) as a Data Source
  • Managing Data in a PowerPivot Window
  • Importing Data from SharePoint Lists to PowerPivot
  • Importing Data from Data Feeds into PowerPivot
  • Importing Data from Azure DataMarket
  • Excel (linked tables) as a Data Source

Module 4 - Working with Multiple Table Data Sources

  • PowerPivot Relationships
  • Access Tables (relational database) as a Data Source
  • SQL Databases as a Data Source
  • Creating a Perspective to make Field Lists Manageable
  • Filtering Data during Importing External Data
  • Database Tables as a Data Source Writing SQL Statements

Module 5 - The Diagram View

  • The Diagram View in PowerPivot
  • Managing Relationships and Tables in the Diagram View
  • Working with Hierarchies

Module 6 - Measures, Calculations and KPIs

  • Create a Calculated Column
  • Measures Overview
  • Creating a Measure
  • AutoSum Measures
  • User Created Measures
  • Working with Dates in a PowerPivot Environment
  • Creating a KPI
  • Adding a KPI to a PivotTable

Module 7 - Working with DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

  • Sample DAX Functions
  • Time Intelligent Functions

Module 8 - Working with Slicers

  • Layout Styles
  • Using Slicers
  • Additional Slicer Settings
  • Locking a Slicer to a PivotTable

QA reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice to the customer.

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