Developing MVC single-page web applications using AngularJS

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Google's AngularJS JavaScript framework allows web developers to create smart clients creating rich decision making User Interfaces that enhance your end users experience. In this two-day practical course, we will teach you how to implement MVC applications using AngularJS and leverage the modern developer toolbox that includes Yeoman, Gulp and NPM.


You will learn:
  • How to create MVC (Model View Controller) web apps using Angular
  • How to create a developer tool chain using Gulp, Karma, Bower, Istanbul and Yeoman
  • To consume RESTful services using Angular
  • The basis of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to test your apps
  • Code reuse, dependency injection and how to build reuse into your code


It is essential you understand the face of contemporary web development to attend this course. We insist upon JavaScript experience equivalent to the skills covered in Programming with JavaScript (QAJAVSC) and recommend attending Developing Web Applications Using HTML5 (QAWEBUI) before attending this course.


Understanding Angular and the Modern Web

  • The open web
  • Git and software development
  • Bower, Grunt, Yeoman and Gulp
  • Understanding NPM and packaged components
  • Initialising applications and working package.json

Working with Task runners

  • Exploring task runners and generators such as Grunt and Gulp
  • Using Gulp to build an automated task runner and compiler
  • Introducing continuous integration and development
  • Building a CI/CD Gulp task runner

Setting up an Angular Application

  • Understanding AngularJS and its dependencies
  • Generating Applications using YEOMAN
  • Initialising your first Angular Application

Introducing AngularJS

  • Installing and working with the AngularJS framework
  • Creating and running Angular Apps using Generator
  • Understanding Single-Page Applications and MVC: AngularJS Views; AngularJS Models; AngularJS Controllers
  • Understanding Dependency Injection and Code Reuse

Implementing Views and Controller

  • Creating controllers to manage views
  • Declaring properties and methods in a controller
  • Binding to properties and expressions in an AngularJS template

Implementing Models and Services

  • Using $http to communicate with remote servers
  • How promises handle asynchronous communication
  • Using $http interceptors

Implementing Directives

  • Using Directives to improve HTML
  • Templates and reuse
  • Implementing Angular Directives

Working with the Angular Animation Framework

  • Enhancing the UI with Animation
  • Creating and utilizing Animations

Working with Routes

  • Components of AngularJS routes
  • Creating routes
  • Route parameters
  • Creating and resolving dependencies in routes
  • Route events

Training provider

Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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Software development / engineering
Great Britain
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Great Britain
This skill has an average salary of
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Great Britain
This skill has an average salary of
and is mentioned in
of job ads in this area.
Great Britain
This skill has an average salary of
and is mentioned in
of job ads in this area.