Advanced Digital Investigations

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A follow on advanced course for those delegates that have attended 'Introduction to Digital Investigation'. This course exposes delegates to advanced concepts, skills and knowledge of undertaking investigations in the digital space.


  • Equip delegates with in depth knowledge of internet architecture and networking
  • Introduce advanced intelligence gathering tools and their utility
  • Advanced OSINT application of the deep web
  • Practical use of the Dark Nets
  • Cryptocurrency investigations
  • To equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to conduct digital investigations


Security practitioners, UK law enforcement or government employees that are required to capture digital evidence or undertake digital investigations. Additionally, anyone in the private sector who works alongside government or who prepares digital evidence for court and regulatory bodies or internal audit and investigations. Our instructors who teach this course are experts in this field, with law enforcement and wider government backgrounds in digitial investigations and forensics.


Delegates will have attended the Introduction to Digital Investigations course ( ) or have sufficient practical experience of evidential capture.


Module 1 - Introduction to Advanced Digital Investigation

  • This module serves as a framework to introduces delegates to the meaning and utility of advanced digital investigation.

Module 2 - The Digital space (advanced)

  • An advanced look at the digital space, introducing delegates to the architecture of the internet, its actors, and device communications. The aim of this module is to equip delegates with a jargon free understanding of networking.

Module 3 - Advanced OSINT techniques

  • This module equips delegates with a more in depth understanding of open-source intelligence tools and techniques.

Module 4 - OSINT and The Deep Web

  • Expose delegates to Deep Web searches, accessing databases and advanced search techniques

Module 5 - The Dark Web

  • Delegates will be shown how to access the dark web, its fora and marketplaces. The instructor will produce a guided discussion and demonstration on the uses of the dark web

Module 6 - Cryptocurrencies

  • In this module delegates will gain an understanding of cryptocurrencies, their technology (Inc blockchain), utility and demonstrate how trades are conducted and investigated.

Module 7 - Task

  • Delegates will be asked to use the advanced skills and knowledge gained in the course to conduct a realistic digital investigation in a real and simulated lab environment.

Module 8 - Conclusion: Emerging threats and future technology

  • Provide delegates with an insight into emerging threats, new technologies and future digital investigation strategy.

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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