Project and Programme Sponsorship

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The APMG PPM Sponsorship Qualification is aimed at those senior managers who sponsor programmes and projects (Sponsors). This includes those who have been made accountable as individuals for a specific programme or project (Senior Responsible Owners). The qualification certifies that these managers are equipped with the knowledge and understand the skills needed to lead a successful delivery of policy or strategy, or to lead an initiative or deliver to a target.

The certificate aims to be methodology independent and uses generic terms as far as possible.

The course is delivered as four modules of ½ day duration, which can be completed as 2 full days in one sitting or 4 separate ½ days.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • describe the Sponsor role and how it differs for programme and projects.
  • establish a vision and strategy
  • focus on the key processes and documentation
  • identify and avoid potential failure
  • ensure effective stakeholder engagement
  • anticipate reactions to change and offer an appropriate response.
  • plan appropriate communications
  • identify and secure the necessary expertise needed to deliver the programme/project
  • build a learning culture so that the skills of programme/project staff improve
  • provide visionary leadership to champion the project/programme
  • influence senior Stakeholders who are needed to support the objectives
  • establish a sound basis for programme initiation: the business requirement
  • accurately judge the level and type of challenge presented by an initiative articulated by the blueprint.
  • ensure that appropriate strategies and plans are in place and fit for purpose.
  • ensure that the frameworks for identification and management of risks and issues are fit for purpose.
  • provide appropriate direction to the delivery team.
  • make appropriate interventions.
  • understand the role, responsibility and accountabilities of the Senior Responsible Owner and individual individual Sponsors of a programme or project during delivery and closureSponsors of a programme or project during delivery and closure
  • establish what issues to engage with during delivery and understand how to do so
  • deal with change requests
  • plan for transition to business-as-usual
  • monitor progress and commission appropriate reviews
  • effect closure at the right time
  • effectively embed project outputs/products and programme outputs into business-as-usual


  • Whilst there is no prescribed reading list for the qualification, it is assumed that delegates are familiar with the Cabinet Office Best Practice Guidance together with their any internal PPM framework used by their organisation.
  • During the course you will asked to provide written permission which enables QA to pass on your pass mark to your employer.
  • Please note: You must bring signed photo ID with you on any APMG exams (passport, driving licence, student card) as you will be asked to produce it by the invigilator prior to the exam. You must also be familiar with the APMG Terms and Conditions of Certification which can be found here on the APMG International website.


Module 1 - The Role of the Sponsor

  • The role of the Sponsor
  • Early thinking about strategy
  • The key tools

Module 2 - The Sponsor Working with People

  • Engagement with stakeholders by the SRO and other sponsors
  • How people react to change
  • Communications
  • Selection and appointment of a Programme/Project Manager
  • Creation of appropriate delivery teams
  • Leadership
  • Influencing

Module 3 - Identifying and Establishing a Programme/Project

  • Clearly identifying, defining and articulating the purpose of the programme
  • Establishing an environment which will maximise the chances of success.
  • Providing appropriate direction and making the right interventions during initiation

Module 4 - The Delivery Journey.

  • Issues requiring the attention of the sponsor during delivery of a Programme or Project.
  • Recognising and effecting closure of a Programme or Project.


APMG PPM Sponsorship exam takes place at 1pm on the afternoon of the second day. The examination is 1 hour and 30 minutes:

  • Objective testing

  • 65 questions
  • 65 marks required to pass (out of 100 available)
  • closed book

APMG-International PROGRAMME AND PROJECT SPONSORSHIP is a trade mark of The APM Group Limited.

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