Manufacturing Execution in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Skills covered:


This Two-day course provides the ability to record costs, monitor performance, and trace the history of production which is critical to the manufacturing execution process.


At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the terminology and concepts used with manufacturing execution in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
  • Describe the roles and functions that use manufacturing execution.
  • Describe the steps that should be considered when planning an installation and configuration of manufacturing execution.
  • Explain how the features of manufacturing execution integrate with other modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
  • List the prerequisites and planning steps for configuring Manufacturing execution.
  • Describe the Production control parameters and Manufacturing execution parameters.
  • Create allocation keys for job bundling.
  • Configure registration forms.
  • Link a worker to a registration form.
  • Describe how Manufacturing execution is used to provide feedback on production orders.
  • Outline how production orders are created and processed.
  • Describe how jobs are used with production orders.
  • Reprioritize jobs in a list and set jobs to high priority.
  • Describe how resources are used with production orders.
  • Move jobs between resources and resource groups.
  • Describe how documents are used with production orders.
  • Set up document groups and attach documents to a job.
  • Use the Manufacturing execution terminal to process production order jobs.
  • View daily registration information for production orders.
  • Describe the Shop Supervisor role center.
  • Describe how Manufacturing execution is used to provide feedback on projects.
  • Describe how projects are created and processed.
  • Register time, fees, and items for a project.
  • View raw registrations, and then approve and process project registrations.
  • Review the basic features of workflow.
  • Use the graphical workflow editor to create and modify workflows.
  • Configure a time and attendance workflow.


The intended audience includes customers that want to learn the basic features and develop a working knowledge of the typical daily procedures required to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Manufacturing Execution Systems functionality.
The class is intended for shop floor workers, shop floor supervisors, production managers, and other people in organizations responsible for the setup and administration of manufacturing execution functionality.


  • General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Completed the Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 course.
  • Completed the Time and Attendance Hands-On Lab in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.
  • The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for basic processing,
  • Basic knowledge of production concepts.


Module 1: Overview

This module provides general information about manufacturing execution and the various kinds of registrations that workers can perform.


  • Terminology and Concepts
  • Key Roles in Manufacturing Execution
  • About Planning Ahead
  • Integration with Other Modules

Module 2: Set Up

This module describes how to set up the following Manufacturing execution features:

  • General parameters required by production features
  • Production parameters that affect Manufacturing execution processes
  • Registration forms for providing feedback
  • Allocation keys for bundling jobs


  • Prerequisites and Planning
  • Set Up Parameters
  • Allocation Keys
  • Registration Forms

Lab : Backflush on Operations

  • Set up system parameters to backflush on operations

Lab : Automated Route Consumption on Setup Jobs

  • Setup automatic route consumption for setup type jobs

Lab : Test the Parameter Set Up

  • Create Production Orders
  • Register Time for the Product Order
  • Verify the Parameter Set Up Works Correctly

Lab : Create and Allocation Key for Bundling Jobs

Lab : Configure a Registration Form

  • Create a New Configuration
  • Create a New Grid
  • Create a New Action Pane

Module 3: Production Control With Manufacturing Execution

This module reviews how to use the Job registration form to manage production order feedback.


  • About Production Feedback
  • Production Orders Overview
  • Jobs
  • Resources
  • Documents
  • Work with Production
  • View Daily Registrations
  • Monitor Attendance and Production Orders

Lab : Reprioritize Jobs

  • Make a job high priority
  • Move the sequence of jobs in the Edit job list form

Lab : Reassigning Jobs

  • Move a job from one resource group to another

Lab : Register Production Jobs and Report Feedback

  • Move a job from one resource group to another

Lab : Bundle Jobs

  • Move a job from one resource group to another

Lab : Make Corrections to a Job

  • Enter feedback for a job and then correct the feedback

Module 4: Projects with Manufacturing Execution

This module explains how you can use Manufacturing Execution to register time on projects using the Job registration form.


  • About Project Feedback
  • Work with Projects in Manufacturing Execution
  • View and Process Daily Registrations for Projects

Lab : Register Time for a Project

  • Register Time for a Project

Lab : Register Fees for a Project

  • Register Fees for a Project

Lab : Register Items for a Project

  • Register Items for a Project

Lab : Review, Approve, and Post Project

  • Register Time for a Project
  • Calculate, Approve, Transfer, and Post Registrations

Module 5: Workflow

This module explains how RFID can be used in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to process transactions in warehouse management.


  • About Workflow
  • Working with the Workflow Editor
  • Configuring time and Attendance Workflows

Lab : Manufacturing Execution End-to-End Walkthrough

  • Modify the Manufacturing Execution Parameters
  • Modify the Time and Attendance Parameters
  • Modify the Terminal Configuration
  • Create a Workflow
  • Configure the Basic Settings for the Workflow
  • Create and Configure a Task in the Workflow
  • Create and Configure an Approval in the Workflow
  • Review Errors, Save, Activate the Workflow
  • Configure a Worker for Time Registration
  • Create and Schedule a Production Order
  • Register Time Against a Production Order
  • Register Indirect Activities
  • Make Corrections to a Registration
  • View and Approve the Registrations
  • Print Reports and Review the Registration History

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