Adobe RoboHelp 8 - Level 2

Skills covered:
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In this course, students will create multiple outputs of a Help project and enhance them using the advanced Help features of Adobe RoboHelp 8.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • create content that can be reused and managed across topics within a RoboHelp project.
  • add navigation controls to the Help topics.
  • enhance the presentation of content.
  • add dynamic elements to Help topics.
  • customize the appearance of a Help project.
  • create multiple output for a project.


This course is intended for professionals seeking to create or enhance Help Systems using RoboHelp.


Creatinge Reusable Content

  • Create a Single Source Layout
  • Work with Master Pages
  • Create a User-Defined Variable
  • Create a Snippet

Adding Navigation Controls

  • Create a See Also Link
  • Create a Keyword Link
  • Create Breadcrumbs

Enhancing the Presentation of Content

  • Add Text Boxes
  • Customize TOCs and Indexes
  • Create Framesets

Adding Dynamic Elements to Topics

  • Add DHTML Effects
  • Create Triggers and Targets
  • Create Dynamic Hotspots

Customizing a Project

  • Customize a Window
  • Add HTML Help Controls
  • Apply Skins

Creating Multiple Output for a Project

  • Generate Conditional Output
  • Generate a WebHelp Help File
  • Generate a PDF Help File
  • Batch Generate Help Files
  • Create an AIR Help Application

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 1 day
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United States
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