IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Advanced

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IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Advanced (V10.2) is a two-day, instructor-led course. This course builds on topics learned in the Fundamentals course. Attendees will participate in interactive demos and workshops that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.


Participants will learn advanced report building techniques using mostly relational data models, and ways of enhancing, customising, and managing professional reports.


This advanced course is intended for Professional Report Authors.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements,
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and XML
  • Attended the IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Fundamentals (V10.2) course.


  1. Create Query Models
    • Build query models and then connect them to the report layout
    • Edit an SQL statement to author custom queries
    • Add filters and prompts to a report using the query model
  2. Create Query Reports Based on Relationships
    • Create reports by merging query results
    • Create reports by joining queries
    • Combine data containers based on relationships from different queries
  3. Create Advanced Dynamic Reports
    • Filter reports on session parameter values
    • Navigate a briefing book using a table of contents
    • Create dynamic headers and title that reflect report data
    • Let users navigate to specific locations in reports
    • Create a customer invoice report
  4. Design Effective Prompts
    • Control report displays using prompts
    • Specify conditional formatting values using prompts
    • Specify conditional rendering of objects based on prompt selection
    • Create sorted and filtered reports based on prompt selection
  5. Create Additional Advanced Reports
    • Create a report that displays summarised data before detailed data
    • Highlight alternate rows in a list report
    • Create a report using an external data file
    • Use single data items to summarise report information
  6. Examine the Report Specification
    • Examine the report specification structure
    • Modify a report specification
    • Add custom toolbox objects and custom template options
  7. Distribute Reports Through Bursting
    • Distribute reports using bursting
    • Create burst keys
    • Identify report recipients and data items using burst tables
    • Distribute reports using email and IBM Cognos Connection
  8. Enhance User Interaction with HTML
    • Create tooltips that clarify report data
    • Send emails using links in a report
  9. Analyse Data Using Statistical Reports
    • Discuss statistical report types
    • Examine descriptive statistics
    • Explore statistical charts
  10. End-to-End Workshop (Optional)
    • Various managers have requested that you create reports to answer business questions pertaining to their areas of interest
  11. Explore the Prompt API (Optional)

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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