F5 Networks - Configuring BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) V11.X


WebAccelerator is a one day course, designed for customers running the WebAccelerator Module on TMOS™ and is designed to help network professionals improve web site customer experience.

The course focuses on typical HTTP processes and how the WebAccelerator Module can take advantage of those processes to decrease response time while ensuring data accuracy and integrity.


Using lectures and hands-on exercises, participants gain real-time experience setting up and configuring the necessary portions of the Local Traffic Manager (LTM) system as well as typical WebAccelerator Module settings. From the LTM framework, these settings include pools, profiles and virtual servers.

In addition, discussion and labs focusing on the WebAccelerator Module framework include editing standard policies to effect how the traffic is manipulated as it is processed by the system. Participants will see how the changes improve the user experience through tools such as Fiddler.


This course is intended for installation engineers and others responsible for initial installation and configuration of the WebAccelerator Module.


Participants should understand:

  • Common Network terminology
  • TCP/IP Addressing and Routing

HTTP Standards Participants should be proficient with:

  • Basic PC operation and application skills, including operating a CD drive, keyboard, mouse and Windows OS, Basic Web Browser operation (Internet Explorer is used in class).

In addition, it is helpful if participants are familiar with:

  • Pico editor or VI editor
  • The tcpdump program
  • Fiddler

The training provider requires all students to bring their own laptop (and power cable). A laptop with a 802.11 b/g wireless card and a Remote Desktop Client (available for Windows, OSX and Linux). Please advise your Account Manager as soon as possible should you not be able to meet these requirements.


  • Installation and Initial Access
  • HTTP Basics
  • BIG IP Basics and Webb Accelerator Overview
  • WAM Applications
  • WAM Policies and Matching Rules
  • WAM Acceleration Rules
  • WAM Logging and Reporting
  • WAM Symmetric
  • Deployment Deploying Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Training provider

Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 1 day
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User experience
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Outlook on the web
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