Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric (DCUFD) v5.0


This course is aimed at providing data center designers with the knowledge and skills needed to design scalable, reliable and intelligent data center unified fabrics, and virtualisation solutions based on the Cisco Fabric Extenders (FEXs), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Cisco FabricPath and equipment and link virtualisation technologies. The course describes the Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric solutions and explains how to evaluate existing data center infrastructure, determine the requirements and design the Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric solution based on Cisco products and technologies.


  • Evaluate the data center solution design and design process regarding contemporary data center challenges, Cisco Data Center Architecture solution, and components
  • Provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of technologies used in data centers, and describe scalability implications and their possible use in cloud environments.
  • Design data center connections and topologies in the core layer
  • Explain and design data center storage designs, solutions, and limitations of various storage technologies
  • Design secure data centers that are protected from application-based threats, network security threats, and physical security threats
  • Design data center infrastructure that is required to implement network-based application services
  • Design data center management to facilitate monitoring, managing, and provisioning of data center equipment and applications


Anyone involved in designing a data center or data center solutions

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  • CCNA Data Center Certification (DCICN and DCICT)
  • Knowledge that is covered in the Cisco Nexus product family courses (DCUFI)
  • Knowledge that is covered in the Designing for Cisco Internetwork T Solutions (DESGN) course
  • Knowledge that is covered in the Designing Cisco Storage Networking Solutions (DCSNS) course


Cisco Data Center Solutions

  • Defining the Data Center
  • Identifying the Cisco Data Center Solution
  • Designing the Cisco Data Center Solution

Data Center Technologies line

  • Designing Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switching
  • Virtualising Data Center Components
  • Designing Layer 2 Multipathing Technologies

Data Center Topologies

  • Designing the Data Center Core Layer Network
  • Designing the Data Center Aggregation Layer
  • Designing the Data Center Access Layer
  • Designing the Data Center Virtualised Access Layer Fabric
  • Designing High Availability
  • Designing Data Center Interconnects

Data Center Storage

  • Introducing SAN
  • Designing SAN
  • Designing Unified Fabric
  • Designing SAN Services

Data Center Security

  • Designing Data Center Application Security
  • Designing Link Security Technologies and Device Hardening
  • Designing Storage Security

Data Center Application Services

  • Designing Data Center Application Architecture
  • Designing Application Services
  • Designing Global Load Balancing

Data Center Management

  • Designing Data Center Management Solutions

Lab 1-2: Become Familiar with the Lab Equipment
Lab 3-1: Explore VDCs
Lab 3-2: Examine vPC
Lab 3-3: Explore Cisco FabricPath
Lab 3-4: Connect FEXs
Lab 3-5: Interconnect Data Centers with Cisco OTV

Training provider

Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 5 days
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Data center
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