WPW20 IBM Forms 8.0 Workshop

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IBM Forms V8.0 automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service, and time to value making you more responsive to customer and market needs.


  • Learn about the key features provided in IBM Forms version 8 with the focus on the new IBM Forms Experience Builder.
  • Using the IBM Forms Experience Builder, you will learn to use the simple web-based user interface to: develop interactive form driven applications
  • integrate role based security
  • implement the integrated lightweight routing for approvals and notifications
  • explore personalized integration with WebSphere Portal
  • leverage open standards utilizing REST API services


This intermediate course is designed for IBM Forms Solution Architects and developers.


  • Introduction to IBM Forms 8.0 and Forms Experience Builder (FEB).

  • IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) Overview.

  • LAB: IBM FEB UI Tour Introduction LAB: IBM FEB Application Development
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder - Custom Themes
  • LAB: Creating Custom Themes
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder - Application Security
  • FEB Personalization Integration with Websphere Portal (FEB Installation and configuration)
  • FEB JavaScript API
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic - Forms Designer
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic - WebForms Server vs. WebForm Viewer
  • LAB: Exploring Application Security
  • LAB: Integrating IBM Forms Experience Builder with WebSphere Portal
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder Architecture and Services Integration.
  • LAB: FEB JavaScript API LAB: IBM Forms Experience Builder - REST API
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic Overview .
  • IBM Forms 8.0 Classic Architecture.
  • LAB: IBM Classic Forms 8.0 Designer

  • LAB: Tour of IBM Forms Viewer
  • Integrating IBM Forms Classic with IBM Case Manager.

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Duration: 3 days
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