WB752 IBM Developing Applications for IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5 - II

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This 5-day instructor-led course teaches students how to use IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5 to build and deploy process integration solutions.


  • Describe the service-oriented architecture approach to business process management
  • Create and modify an application by using iterative (model-driven) development
  • Develop a business process diagram in IBM Process Designer
  • Work with a process application snapshot in IBM Integration Designer
  • Associate IBM Integration Designer artifacts with a process application snapshot
  • Use artifacts from an IBM Integration Designer library in a business process diagram
  • Implement and deploy SCA modules and libraries that contain version information
  • Use the serviceDeploy tool to install versioned modules in an IBM Process Server profile
  • Enable cross-component trace to follow the invocation sequences between SCA applications in order to diagnose and repair an application failure
  • Implement the event sequencing quality of service qualifier in an application
  • Implement a WebSphere MQ import in an application
  • Implement a fault handler and compensation handler in a business process
  • Examine and test a business state machine
  • Examine the transaction propagation settings and transaction quality of service qualifier settings for an application
  • Implement a selector component and dynamically navigate a business process instance at run time
  • Implement a static (lookup) relationship
  • Create a service aggregation mediation flow by using several prebuilt mediation primitives
  • Create a reusable mediation subflow
  • Build a mediation flow that contains error handling primitives
  • Examine an Industry Content Pack and use the business object compare utility
  • Configure security quality of service qualifiers and implement role-based security for human tasks and business processes
  • Configure IBM Business Process Manager Advanced tools for integration with other applications, such as IBM Case Manager and IBM Business Monitor


This intermediate course is for technical developers and other technical development specialists.


Business process management and service-oriented architecture

  • Exercise: Using iterative development to create applications

Version control and testing of SCA applications

  • Exercise: Version control for SCA applications

SCA bindings, the SCA runtime environment, and SCA quality of service qualifiers

  • Exercise: Working with SCA bindings and qualifiers

WS-BPEL fault handlers

  • Exercise: Applying a fault handler to WS-BPEL

WS-BPEL compensation and event handlers

  • Exercise: Applying a compensation handler to WS-BPEL

Business state machines

  • Exercise: Working with business state machines

Transactional behavior of SCA applications

  • Exercise: Defining transactional behavior in SCA applications

Business process flexibility

  • Exercise: Creating flexible business processes


  • Exercise: Working with static relationships

Mediation primitives

  • Exercise: Implementing a mediation flow

Mediation flow control

  • Exercise: Writing a generic error handler for WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

Industry Content Packs

  • Exercise: Working with industry schemas and business objects


  • Exercise: Implementing security

Integrating with IBM Business Process Manager

  • Exercise: Integrating other applications with IBM Integration Designer

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Service-oriented architecture
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