TN013 IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.3 User

Skills covered:


This course covers the behavior, utilization and configuration settings of the User interfaces. Students will configure and utilize both the legacy and new Web GUI interface including the Tivoli Integrated Portal.


  • Install client interfaces components
  • Describe client components
  • Describe client system architecture
  • Utilize the Tivoli Integrated Portal
  • Navigate and configure the Web GUI portal
  • Describe product integrations
  • Configure and utilize predefined pages and the Active Event List new functions
  • Create custom task pages
  • Configure multiple data source references
  • Configure and utilize previous Netcool GUI Foundation components and tools
  • Configure and utilize new Web GUI filters, views, dashboard and maps
  • Utilize basic SQL code to create component configurations
  • Change the users password


This intermediate course is for IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.3 users. It is intended to update current skill sets and introduce new user communities to version 7.3 functionality.


Initial client setup

  • Client system configurations
  • System architecture and components
  • Installing legacy client system applications
  • New client Web GUI functionality
  • Configuring system variables

Client Components

  • Legacy client functionality
  • Tivoli Integrated Portal and Web GUI client functionality introduction

Web GUI configurations

  • Filters
  • Views
  • Event Dashboard
  • Active Event List (AEL)
  • Lightweight Event List (LEL)
  • Table Views

Web GUI interface - Maps

  • Map Example pages
  • Map basic configuration

Training provider

Teaching mode:
Classroom - Instructor Led
Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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Top skills covered in this course

Systems architecture
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This skill has an average salary of
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