3073 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Advanced Administration

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This course provides material for:
Certificate: Novell CLP 10


In this course, students learn the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 administration skills necessary to complete your basic SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 skill set.


This course teaches you how to perform the following SUSE Linux administrative tasks for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:
  • Manage Virtualization with XEN
  • Configure a Web Application Server
  • Configure Samba
  • Enable Fundamental Network Services
  • Create Shell Scripts
  • Compile Software from Source
  • Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning-
  • Manage Hardware


This course is designed for those who already have experience with Linux, including general system configuration and command line work. This course is also ideal for those seeking advanced administration skills on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, those who have completed the previous two courses in the Novell CLP10 curriculum and those preparing to take the Novell CLP10 Practicum exam.


Manage Virtualization with Xen

  • Understand the Concept of Virtualization
  • Understand How Xen Works
  • Install Xen
  • Manage Xen Domains with YaST
  • Manage Xen Domains at the Command Line
  • Understand Xen Networking
  • Migrate a Guest Domain

Configure a Web Application Server

  • Setup a Basic Functionality of a Web Server
  • Configure Virtual Hosts
  • Limit Access to the Web Server
  • Configure Apache with OpenSSL
  • Install PHP
  • Describe Tomcat
  • Install and Configure Tomcat
  • Install Web Applications
  • Use Tomcat’s Administration Tools
  • Use Port 80 to Access Tomcat

Configure and Use Samba

  • Understand Samba
  • Configure a Simple File Server
  • Configure User Authentication
  • Use Samba’s Client Tools
  • Use Samba as a Domain Controller
  • Integrate Samba in a Windows Domain
  • Configure Samba as Print Server

Enable Fundamental Network Services

  • Enable the Extended Internet Daemon (xinetd)
  • Enable an FTP Server
  • Configure Time on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Configure NFS (Network File System)

Create Shell Scripts

  • Understand the Course Project
  • Use Basic Script Elements
  • Understand Variables and Command Substitution
  • Use Control Structures
  • Use Arithmetic
  • Read User Input
  • Use Arrays
  • Finalize the Course Project
  • Use Advanced Scripting Techniques
  • Learn About Useful Commands in Shell Scripts

Compare Software from Source

  • Understand the Basics of C Programming
  • Understand the Concept of Shared Libraries
  • Understand the GNU Build Tool Chain
  • Perform a Standard Build Process

Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning

  • Find Performance Bottlenecks
  • Reduce System and Memory Load
  • Optimize the Storage System
  • Tune the Network Performance
  • Use Powertweak

Manage Hardware

  • Describe the Differences between Devices and Interfaces
  • Describe how Device Drivers Work
  • Describe how Device Drivers are Loaded
  • Manage Kernel Modules Manually
  • Describe the sysfs File System
  • Describe how undev Works
  • Use the hwup Command
  • Obtain Hardware Configuration Information from YaST

Prepare for the Novell CLP 10 Practicum

  • Install a Xen Environment
  • Configure a Web Server
  • Configure a Samba File Server
  • Automate System Tasks

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Duration: 5 days
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