3071 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Fundamentals

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In this course, students learn the basic Linux skills necessary to prepare you for performing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 administrative tasks.


This course teaches you the following concepts and skills fundamental to understanding SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10:
  • Understand the Linux story
  • Use the Linux desktop
  • Manage the network configuration
  • Manage software packages
  • Locate and use help resources
  • Manage directories and files
  • Work with the command line
  • Use Linux text editors
  • Manage user, groups and permissions


While the primary audience for this course is administrators who are interested in Linux, certification candidates with experience in other operating systems can also use this course to begin preparing for the Novell CLP 10 Practicum.


Understand the Linux Story

  • The History of Linux
  • Understand the Multiuser Environment
  • Perform a Sample Installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Use the Linux Desktop

  • Overview of the Linux Desktop
  • Use the GNOME Desktop Environment
  • Access the Command Line Interface From the Desktop

Administer Linux with YaST

  • Get to Know YaST
  • Understand the Role of SuSEconfig
  • Manage the Network Configuration Information from YaST
  • Install Software Packages
  • Manage Installation Sources

Locate and Use Help Resources

  • Access and Use man Pages
  • Use info Pages
  • Access Release Notes and White Papers
  • Use GUI-Based Help
  • Find Help on the Web

Manage Directories and Files

  • Understand the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
  • Identify File Types in the Linux System
  • Change Directories and List Directory Contents
  • Create and View Files
  • Work with Files and Directories
  • Find Files on Linux
  • Search File Content

Work with the Linux Shell and Command Line

  • Get to Know the Command Shells
  • Execute Commands at the Command Line
  • Get to Know Common Command Line Tasks
  • Understand Command Syntax and Special Characters
  • Use Piping and Redirection

Use Linux Text Editors

  • Get to Know Linux Text Editors
  • Use the Editor vi to Edit Files

Manage Users, Groups, and Permissions

  • Manage User and Group Accounts with YaST
  • Describe Basic Linux User Security Features
  • Manage User and Group Accounts From the Command Line
  • Manage File Permissions and Ownership
  • Ensure File System Security

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