Google AdWords: Foundation

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In this course, you will create a Google AdWords account and an AdWords campaign. You will refine and optimize aspects of your AdWords campaigns from ads, to keywords, to bidding, to budgets.


In this course, you will implement Google AdWords and create ad campaigns. You will:
  • Create a Google AdWords account
  • Create an ad campaign
  • Optimize keywords for pay-per-click campaigns
  • Write effective ads for Google AdWords campaigns
  • Analyze and report campaign performance
  • Manage bidding and budgets.


This course is designed for marketing professionals with basic end-user computing skills who will create and manage search ads, run pay-per-click search campaigns, and analyze and report on those campaigns with Google AdWords.


Creating a Google AdWords Account

  • Topic A: Create and Navigate the Google AdWords Account Structure
  • Topic B: Configure and Manage Account Alerts and Notifications

Creating Ad Campaigns

  • Topic A: Plan an AdWords Campaign
  • Topic B: Create Campaigns and Configure Campaign Settings
  • Topic C: Create and Configure Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords

Optimizing Keywords

  • Topic A: Select Keywords in AdWords
  • Topic B: Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Planner
  • Topic C: Research Keywords Online
  • Topic D: Configure Ad Groups and Keywords

Writing Ads in Google AdWords

  • Topic A: Review Google Ad Policies
  • Topic B: Write High-Quality AdWords Ads

Analyzing & Reporting Campaign Performance

  • Topic A: Review Your Campaign and Adjust Settings
  • Topic B: Analyze and Optimize Ads
  • Topic C: Create Reports in AdWords

Managing Bidding & Budgets

  • Topic A: Set and Manage Budgets
  • Topic B: Set and Manage Bids

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