Programming Google App Engine Applications in Python

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In this course, students will learn how to develop App Engine applications in Python®, using HTML templates that they code with content from Google Datastore and Google Cloud Storage™.


Perform the complete cycle of Google App Engine development, including development tools setup, programming, testing, and deployment.Develop a user interface by using Webapp2 and HTML templates.Authenticate Google account users, and control access to application features based on the user account.Enable a web application to respond to get and post requests, and process web form submissions.Store, retrieve, and delete data in Google Cloud Datastore.Store, retrieve, and delete files in Google Cloud Storage, while controlling consistency and optimizing for performance and cost of storage services.Perform background and batch operations and provide notifications to users through HTTP, XMPP, Mail, and Sockets.Query the datastore and use the Search API to search application content.Provide a feature to require users to log in to a web application.Upload and deploy applications to the cloud.


This course is designed for programmers who want to learn to develop cloud-based applications by using Google App Engine for Python.


Developing and Testing an Application

  • Topic A: Set Up the Google App Engine Environment
  • Topic B: Create an App Engine Project
  • Topic C: Launch and Test an Application

Developing a Web App User Interface

  • Topic A: Use HTML Templates
  • Topic B: Incorporate Static Files in a Web Application

Authenticating Google Users

  • Topic A: Provide a Login Capability
  • Topic B: Control Access to App Features Through Authentication

Handling User Input

  • Topic A: Process Web Requests
  • Topic B: Process Forms Securely
  • Topic C: Validate User Input

Storing Data in the Datastore

  • Topic A: Store and Retrieve Datastore Entities
  • Topic B: Use the Datastore Effectively
  • Topic C: Edit and Delete Datastore Entities

Working with Files

  • Topic A: Support File Uploads
  • Topic B: Optimize Retrieval of Published Data

Performing Background and Batch Operations

  • Topic A: Import Bulk Data
  • Topic B: Send Messages to Users

Querying the Datastore

  • Topic A: Query the Google Cloud Datastore
  • Topic B: Perform Search
  • Topic C: Query Cursors

Managing Applications in the Cloud

  • Topic A: Create and Configure the Project
  • Topic B: Deploy the Application

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Duration: 3 days
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