Zoho CRM: Critical User Skills

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This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to use Zoho CRM in the real world. You will learn to manage inventory data, communication through emails, and repetitive tasks using macros.


In this course, you will use Zoho CRM to improve your marketing, sales, inventory, and customer service business practices.You will:
  • Log in to Zoho CRM and customize user settings
  • Organize leads in the Zoho CRM sales process
  • Execute the sales process in Zoho CRM
  • Interact with leads and contacts via emails, calls, events, and social media
  • Simplify and automate Zoho CRM
  • Perform marketing activities in Zoho CRM
  • Manage the inventory in Zoho CRM
  • Finalize sales
  • Perform customer support functions in Zoho CRM
  • Analyze CRM data.


This course is designed for end-users, who may be executives working in sales, marketing, inventory control, or customer support departments, and who may need to use a CRM system as part of their daily work. They may perform tasks such as tracking sales orders, managing leads, and converting leads to closed sales with the objective of increasing the sales of the organization.


Getting Started with Zoho CRM

  • Topic A: Join the Zoho CRM Organization Account
  • Topic B: Identify the Data Components of Zoho CRM
  • Topic C: Customize User Settings

Organizing Leads in the Zoho CRM Sales Process

  • Topic A: Identify the Stages in the Zoho CRM Sales Process
  • Topic B: Create and Import Leads
  • Topic C: Optimize the Importing Leads Process
  • Topic D: View Import History
  • Topic E: Customize the Leads Home Page Views

Executing the Sales Process

  • Topic A: Convert Leads After Evaluation
  • Topic B: Create Accounts
  • Topic C: Maintain Contact Information
  • Topic D: Develop Potentials

Interacting with Leads and Contacts

  • Topic A: Documenting Interaction on a Lead or Contact Detail Page
  • Topic B: Organize Activities and Create Tasks
  • Topic C: Send Emails
  • Topic D: Log Calls
  • Topic E: Organize Events
  • Topic F: Connect via Social Media

Simplifying and Automating Zoho CRM

  • Topic A: Create Macros
  • Topic B: Create Simple Workflows

Performing Marketing Activities in Zoho CRM

  • Topic A: Create Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Topic B: Track Email Marketing Responses

Managing Inventory in Zoho CRM

  • Topic A: Manage Vendors
  • Topic B: Maintain Products
  • Topic C: Complete Purchase Orders
  • Topic D: Create Price Books

Finalizing Sales

  • Topic A: Create Sales Quotes
  • Topic B: Prepare Sales Orders
  • Topic C: Generate Invoices

Performing Customer Support Functions in Zoho CRM

  • Topic A: Create Cases
  • Topic B: Implement Solutions

Analyzing Zoho CRM Data

  • Topic A: Generate Reports
  • Topic B: Create Dashboards

Appendix A

  • The Zoho CRM Mobile Edition

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