Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tablet for Business Use

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Students will learn how to set up, configure, and secure a Windows 8.1 tablet, run and use various apps, manage files, use a tablet in conjunction with other devices, and search for information.


In this course, you will learn to use a Microsoft Windows 8.1 tablet for business use. You will:
  • Run and use apps on a Windows 8.1 tablet.
  • Install, configure, and uninstall Windows 8.1 apps.
  • Use Windows 8.1 features to quickly find information.
  • Share information from a Windows 8.1 tablet.
  • Manage files on your tablet.
  • Configure your tablet and the devices you connect to it.
  • Secure your tablet and the resources you access with it.


This course is designed for students with some experience using Windows® XP, Vista®, or 7 who wish to learn how to use a Windows 8.1 tablet for business use.


Getting Started with Your Microsoft Windows 8.1 Tablet

  • Identify Components of a Windows 8.1 Tablet
  • Launch Apps and Navigate from the Start Screen
  • Enter Text Using the Touch Interface
  • Navigate Between Apps

Managing Apps

  • Set Up a Microsoft Account
  • Install and Configure Apps

Finding Information

  • Use Windows 8.1 Search
  • Use Internet Explorer
  • Obtain Help and Support

Sharing Information

  • Use Mail
  • Use Windows 8.1 Spelling Check
  • Share from Apps

Managing Files

  • Manage Files with File Explorer
  • Search Within Files

Configuring Your Tablet

  • Configure the Start Screen
  • Configure Settings
  • Add and Remove Devices
  • Configure and Use Printing Devices
  • Configure Display Devices
  • Maintain Your Hardware

Securing Your Tablet

  • Secure Your Tablet Physically
  • Secure Your Tablet Software and Files
  • Secure Your Network and Web Access

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Classroom - Instructor Led
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Duration: 1 day
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