Introduction to Hibernate

Skills covered:


In this course, students will use Hibernate technology to overcome specific problems related to data persistence in Java applications.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: -
  • describe the significance of Hibernate in achieving data persistence in Java applications.
  • develop a simple Hibernate application.
  • work with different states of an object and components.
  • work with inheritance mapping.
  • work with associations.
  • work with Hibernate Query Language.
  • manage transactions and concurrency.


This course is designed for experienced Java programmers who want to enhance their applications with the power of Hibernate.


Getting Started with Hibernate

  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Introduction to Hibernate

Developing a Simple Hibernate Application

  • Create a Hibernate Configuration File
  • Map POJOs to a Database Table
  • Integrate POJOs into an Application

Working with Persistent Objects

  • Manipulate Objects States
  • Implement Component Mapping

Working with Inheritance Mapping

  • Work with the Table Per Class Hierarchy
  • Work with the Table Per Subclass Hierarchy
  • Work with the Table Per Concrete Class

Working with Associations

  • Work with One-to-One Associations
  • Work with Many-to-One Associations
  • Work with Many-to-Many Associations

Working with Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

  • Create Simple HQL Queries
  • Create Joins and Subqueries

Managing Transactions and Concurrency

  • Transaction Scope
  • Work with Concurrent Access

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Duration: 2 days
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