Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Skills covered:
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Students will explain supply chain management concepts, describe the supply chain process and flows, plan for production and movement of goods, and identify the future trends.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: -
  • provide an overview of supply chain management.
  • strategically plan your supply chain and forecast market demands.
  • review sourcing and handling materials.
  • examine the phases involved in production and operations management.
  • identify ways to manage inventory.
  • identify ways to handle logistics.
  • list the advancements in SCM.


Anyone interested in supply chain management or has a role within a supply chain management organization but wants to understand the physical and information flows of supply chain management.


Overview of Supply Chain Management

  • Getting Started with Supply Chain Management
  • Process Approach to Supply Chain

Strategic Planning and Forecasting

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Forecast Demand in a Supply Chain
  • Production Planning Techniques

Sourcing and Handling Materials

  • Understand the Procurement Process
  • Apply Procurement Strategies
  • Administer the Movement of Materials

Production and Operations Management

  • Decision Phase in Operations Management
  • Execution Phase in Operations Management
  • Overview of Quality Management

Managing Inventory

  • Inventory Management Techniques
  • Classification of Inventory
  • Inventory Management Strategies

Handling Logistics

  • Examine the Importance of Logistics Management
  • Identify Logistics Strategies
  • Distribute Goods and Services

Advancements in SCM

  • The Role of IT in SCM
  • E-Technologies in SCM
  • Future Trends in SCM

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