Introduction to Ruby on Rails

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In this class students will be introduced to Ruby on Rails and will create an application using Ruby on Rails.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: -
  • create programs in Ruby.
  • write object-oriented programs that will make use of the built-in classes and modules in Ruby.
  • implement threads and handle exceptions to control code execution.
  • create a simple Rails application.
  • develop a web application in Rails that will have access to a database and authenticate user credentials.


This course is intended for web developers seeking to create web applications with Ruby on Rails.


Programming in Ruby

  • Introduction to the Ruby Language
  • Write Programs Using Ruby Language Constructs
  • Control Program Flow Using Control Structures

Programming in Ruby Using OOPs Concepts

  • Create a Program Using OOPS Concepts
  • Work with Strings and Arrays
  • Work with Built-in Classes

Implementing Threads and Handling Exceptions

  • Work with Threads
  • Handle Exceptions

Getting Started with Rails

  • Introduction to Rails Framework
  • Create a Rails Application

Developing a Web Application

  • Create a Database
  • Manipulate Databases
  • Implement Plug-Ins in Rails

Training provider

Teaching mode:
Online - Self paced
Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 1 day
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