6367 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

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Students will learn object-oriented concepts including classes, methods, properties, inheritance, and interfaces. Students will learn how to identify opportunities to use these concepts in design, and how to implement using Visual Studio 2008.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the fundamentals of getting started with object-oriented development and review Visual Studio 2008 features.
  • Describe classes and their importance in the basic structure of an object-oriented application.
  • Add properties and methods to implement the internal functionality of a class.
  • Implement inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism to reduce code duplication.
  • Create structures that emphasize code reusability.
  • Implement interfaces to establish “common” relationships between classes, reduce code dependencies, and facilitate code.
  • Create an object-oriented structure design from a business problem.
  • Create object-oriented structures based on their knowledge of classes, properties, methods, inheritance, and interfaces.
  • Create and use delegates, events and exceptions to establish interclass communications.
  • Design class interactions based on a set of business requirements.
  • Design class interactions using methods, events, delegates and exceptions.
  • Evaluate techniques to improve their own design.
  • Evaluate a design pattern and determine its applicability to a business scenario.
  • Create and maintain updatable units of software by deploying components and class libraries.
  • Maintain an application without deploying the entire application.


The target audience for this course is lower-intermediate level programmers who have a minimum of three months programming experience in a professional environment and want to learn how to use Visual Basic or C# to develop well conceived and implemented object-oriented programming applications.


Getting Started with Object-Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Creating Projects in Visual Studio 2008
  • Coding in Visual Studio 2008
  • Productivity Features in Visual Studio 2008
  • Debugging Visual Studio Applications
  • Lab : Getting Started with Object-Oriented Development in Visual Studio 2008

Implementing Classes, Properties and Methods

  • Creating Classes
  • Implementing Properties within a Class
  • Implementing Methods within a Class
  • Using Classes, Properties and Methods
  • Lab : Implementing Classes with Properties and Methods in Visual Studio 2008

Implementing Inheritance, Abstraction, and Polymorphism

  • Introduction to Inheritance and Abstraction
  • Implementing Inheritance and Abstraction
  • Introduction to Polymorphism
  • Implementing a Polymorphic Structure
  • Lab : Implementing Inheritance and Abstraction

Implementing Interfaces

  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • Implementing a Custom Interface
  • Lab : Implementing Interfaces

Designing Object-Oriented Structures

  • Establishing Classes from Business Requirements
  • Adding Inheritance to the Design
  • Adding Interfaces to the Design
  • Reviewing and Refining the Design
  • Lab : Designing Object-Oriented Structures

Implementing Delegates, Events, and Exceptions

  • Introduction to Delegates
  • Implementing Delegates
  • Introduction to Events
  • Implementing Events
  • Introduction to Exceptions
  • Implementing Exceptions
  • Lab : Implementing Delegates, Events
  • Lab : Implementing Exceptions

Designing Object Collaboration

  • Introduction to Class Interactions
  • Adding Interactions to a Design
  • Evaluating the Design
  • Introduction to Patterns
  • Lab : Designing Object-Oriented Collaboration

Deploying Components and Class Libraries

  • Introduction to Components and Class Libraries
  • Deploying a Component/Class Library
  • Best Practices for Deploying a Component/Class Library
  • Lab : Deploying Components and Class Libraries

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Duration: 3 days
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