4994 Introduction to Programming Microsoft® .NET Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005

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This course enables introductory-level developers who are not familiar with the Microsoft (.NET Framework or Microsoft Visual Studio) 2005 to gain familiarity with the Visual Studio 2005 development environment.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the key features of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2005.
  • Create a simple Windows Forms application.
  • Explain programming fundamentals.
  • Create and use data types and variables.
  • Control program execution by using conditional statements and loops.
  • Explain the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.
  • Create simple object-oriented applications.
  • Develop the user interface in a Visual Studio 2005 application.
  • Validate user input on a Windows form.
  • Implement debugging and exception handling in a Visual Studio 2005 application.
  • Access data in a Visual Studio 2005 application.
  • Create simple Web applications and XML Web services.
  • Explain the key features of the .NET Framework version 3.0 technologies.
  • Test and deploy Microsoft .NET Framework applications.


The target audience for this course includes both novice programmers who have a minimum of three months’ programming experience and intermediate-level programmers who are otherwise new to .NET Framework development, and want to learn how to use Visual Basic or C#.


Getting Started

  • Introduction to Microsoft .NET and the .NET Framework
  • Introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Exploring Visual Studio 2005

Creating a Simple Windows Forms Application

  • Creating a Windows Forms Project
  • Adding Controls to a Windows Forms Project
  • Compiling and Running a Windows Forms Project

Programming Fundamentals

  • Understanding Programming Concepts
  • Defining Program Structure and Flow
  • Styling and Writing Code

Data Types and Variables

  • Introduction to Data Types
  • Defining and Using Variables
  • Defining and Using Collections
  • Converting Data Types

Controlling Program Execution

  • Writing Expressions
  • Creating Conditional Statements
  • Creating Iteration Statements

Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Defining a Class
  • Creating a Class Instance

Creating Object-Oriented Applications

  • Designing Classes with the Class Designer Tool
  • Implementing Inheritance
  • Defining and Implementing Interfaces

Building a User Interface

  • Managing Forms and Dialog Boxes
  • Creating Menus and Toolbars
  • Providing User Assistance

Validating User Input

  • Restricting User Input
  • Implementing Field-Level Validation
  • Implementing Form-Level Validation

Debugging and Exception Handling

  • Types of Errors
  • Debugging Applications
  • Handling Exceptions in Applications

Accessing Data

  • Overview of Data Access
  • Accessing Data by Using the Visual Studio 2005 Integrated Development Environment
  • Programmatic Access to Data

Creating Web Applications and XML Web Services

  • Creating Web Applications
  • Creating and Using XML Web Services

Exploring .NET Framework 3.0 Technologies

  • Introduction to the .NET Framework 3.0 Technologies
  • Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation

Testing and Deploying Microsoft .NET Framework Applications

  • Overview of Testing
  • Creating Object Test Bench Objects
  • Deploying Microsoft .NET Framework Applications

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Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 5 days
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