2548 Core Distributed Application Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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This workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop distributed applications by using the Microsoft( .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio) 2005.


After completing this workshop, students will be able to:
  • Build and use a Web service.
  • Configure and customize a Web service application.
  • Call Web methods asynchronously.
  • Build remote client and server applications.
  • Create and serialize remoteable types.
  • Manage the lifetime of remote objects.
  • Call remote methods asynchronously.
  • Implement remote events.
  • Send and receive messages by using Microsoft Message Queuing.
  • Create and use serviced components.


This workshop is intended for corporate and Independent software vendor application developers who have a desire to learn more about specific technology areas in distributed application development.


Building and Consuming a Simple XML Web Service

  • Technical Context of Web Services
  • Components of Web Service Technology

Configuring and Customizing a Web Service

  • XML Serialization
  • How to Use Complex Data Types in Web Services
  • How to Use Attributes to Control Serialization
  • How to Use Service Configuration Attributes
  • Configuration Files

Calling Web Methods Asynchronously

  • The Need for Asynchronous Calls
  • Options for Making Asynchronous Calls
  • One-Way Methods

Building a Remoting Client and Server

  • Technical Context of Remoting
  • Remoting Servers and Clients
  • Important Components of Remoting

Creating and Serializing Remotable Types

  • Marshal by Value
  • Marshal by Reference
  • Version Compatibility for Remotable Types
  • Generic Classes

Performing Remoting Operations Asynchronously

  • Asynchronous Methods
  • Calling Remote Methods Asynchronously
  • One-Way Methods
  • Using Events in Remoting Applications

Managing the Lifetime of Remote Objects

  • Life Cycle of Remote Objects
  • Lifetime Sponsors
  • Lease Properties
  • Leases and Exception Handling

Sending and Receiving Messages by Using Message Queuing

  • Understanding Message Queuing
  • Creating a Message Queue and Sending a Message
  • Receiving a Message and Posting a Response
  • Using IIS with Message Queuing

Creating and Consuming Serviced Components

  • COM+ Services
  • Implementing a Serviced Component
  • Registering a Serviced Component
  • Instantiating a Serviced Component

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