50403 Implementing Active Directory Rights Management Services with Exchange and SharePoint

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Students will gain the knowledge and skills to deploy Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), and to understand the role AD RMS plays in a wider infrastructure and how it interacts with other Microsoft technologies.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand AD RMS architecture, and the role the product plays as part of a wider infrastructure.
  • Understand the AD RMS interaction model with other Microsoft technologies.
  • Install and provision AD RMS and understand installation pre requisites and best practices.
  • Understand how several other Microsoft technologies use AD RMS to protect documents and email messages.
  • Understand how to use AD RMS on server applications such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Create, manage, and distribute rights policy templates as AD RMS administrators.
  • Understand the different trust relationships that can extend AD RMS protection beyond your infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot common issues in the core infrastructure, product installation, and product usage.


This course is intended for experienced systems administrators who have working experience and background knowledge of Windows Server 2008, and basic understanding of Active Directory, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server technologies. Basic knowledge of DNS, general networking, and PKI principles is also helpful.


Why Rights Management?

  • A Bit of History
  • Business Reasons for AD RMS
  • What AD RMS Does
  • AD RMS Usage Scenarios
  • AD RMS Technology Overview
  • AD RMS in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7
  • Lab : AD RMS Demonstration

AD RMS Architecture

  • AD RMS Components Overview
  • AD RMS Bootstrapping Process
  • AD RMS Publishing and Licensing Process
  • AD RMS Service Connection Point (SCP)
  • AD RMS Topology
  • AD RMS Components Details

AD RMS Installation and Provisioning

  • AD RMS Requirements
  • AD RMS Prerequisites
  • Installing and Provisioning AD RMS
  • AD RMS Server Installation Best Practices
  • Migrating RMS to AD RMS
  • Lab : Creating the AD RMS Service Account
  • Lab : Installing and Provisioning AD RMS

Information Rights Management on Desktop Applications

  • Operating System Versions and AD RMS Clients
  • Microsoft Office IRM
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 IRM
  • RM Add-on for Internet Explorer and Rights-Managed HTML (RMH)
  • Office Viewers and AD RMS
  • IRM Client Registry Settings
  • Lab : Protecting and Consuming AD RMS Protected Documents
  • Lab : Creating and Consuming AD RMS Content Using Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Lab : Protecting and Consuming Content Using XPS
  • Lab : Consuming Content Using the Rights Management Add-on for Internet Explorer
  • Lab : Using Active Directory Security Groups

Rights Policy Templates

  • Introduction to Rights Policy Templates
  • Creating Rights Policy Templates
  • Protecting Content Using Templates
  • Consuming Content Protected by Templates
  • Managing Rights Policy Templates
  • Template Distribution Strategy
  • Lab : Creating and Using a Rights Policy Template
  • Lab : Modifying Existing Templates
  • Lab : Distribute a Rights Policy Template

Information Rights Management on Server Applications

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 IRM
  • Email Protection in Exchange Server
  • New AD RMS Features in Exchange Server 2010
  • Lab : Integrating AD RMS and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
  • Lab : Integrating AD RMS and Exchange Server 2010
  • Lab : Integrating AD RMS with Bulk Protection Tool
  • Lab : Protect information Automatically Integrating AD RMS with

Administering AD RMS

  • The AD RMS Administration Console
  • New AD RMS Administration Roles
  • Rights Account Certificate Policies
  • Exclusion Policies
  • Revocation
  • The Super Users Group
  • Lab : AD RMS Role Separation
  • Lab : Configuring Exclusion Policies
  • Lab : Configuring the Super Users Group
  • Lab : AD RMS Reports
  • Lab : GPO/Registry Override Settings FCI and Bulk Protection Tool

Managing Trust

  • Introduction to Trust Policies
  • Trusted User Domains
  • Trusted Publishing Domains
  • AD RMS and Active Directory Federation Services
  • Windows Live ID Trust
  • Trust Scenarios
  • General Infrastructure Requirements and Product Capabilities
  • Lab : Configuring Trusted User Domains
  • Lab : Configuring a Trusted Publishing Domain
  • Lab : Configuring AD FS Trust and user experience

Extranet Considerations

  • Extranet Access to AD RMS
  • Extranet Access to AD RMS Pipelines
  • Extranet Client Considerations
  • AD RMS and Firewall Options
  • Extranet Scenarios
  • Lab : Configure AD RMS Pipelines
  • Lab : Configure Forefront TMG to Publish AD RMS
  • Lab : Verify the AD RMS functionality from an Internet Client
  • Lab : OWA Consumption

Deploying and Maintaining AD RMS Infrastructure

  • AD RMS General Performance Guidelines
  • Adding a Se

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