50383 Upgrading Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 to Forefront Identity Manager 2010

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This course provides material for:
Microsoft Exam code: Exam 70-158


Students already acquainted with Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM) will gain additional knowledge and skills they need to plan for a Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM) deployment.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand FIM concepts and components.
  • Understand the scenarios for which FIM is appropriate.
  • Manage users, groups, policy, and credentials through the FIM Portal.
  • Synchronize identity data between the FIM Portal and other systems such as Active Directory.
  • Incorporate other data sources such as HR feeds.
  • Understand the issues involved in loading existing data (initial load and disaster recovery).
  • Understand the technical architecture of FIM.
  • Configure security for different levels of user.
  • Extend the schema to incorporate new objects and attributes.
  • Modify the interface, including look and feel, new or modified forms, and navigation.
  • Understand the features, tools, and issues that will be important when operating, auditing, and troubleshooting FIM in a production environment.
  • Incorporate custom workflows.


This course is intended for Systems Engineers, Developers, or Architects who need to gain a good understanding of how Forefront Identity Manager 2010 can be applied to manage identity information across a number of directories or databases.


Introducing Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010

  • Introducing FIM
  • The User Management and User Experience
  • Group Management
  • Lab : The User Management and User Experience
  • Lab : Simple Group Management

Key Concepts

  • Policies, Sets, Workflows – Concepts, Design Philosophy
  • Policies – Permission-granting (Only) MPRs
  • Workflow MPRs
  • Lab : Permission-granting MPRs
  • Lab : Workflow MPRs

User and Group Management

  • Users and the Portal
  • Groups and the Portal
  • Lab : More About Users
  • Lab : More About Groups

Synchronizing Objects That Originate in the FIM Portal

  • Declarative Synchronization Rules Overview
  • Outbound Declarative Sync Rules
  • Inbound Synchronization
  • Managing Active Directory without Code
  • Lab : Outbound Synchronization
  • Lab : Inbound Synchronization
  • Lab : Managing Active Directory Without Code
  • Lab : Adding and Provisioning a New Source

Synchronizing Objects Originating in Other Systems

  • FIM Password Management
  • Password Self-service Reset
  • Synchronizing Passwords – PCNS
  • FIM Certificate Management
  • Lab : Password Self-service
  • Lab : Configuring PCNS

Managing Credentials with FIM

  • FIM Password Management
  • Password Self-service Reset
  • Synchronizing Passwords – PCNS
  • FIM Certificate Management
  • Lab : Password Self-service
  • Lab : Configuring PCNS

Architecture, Installation, and Deployment

  • Architecture
  • Synchronization Service: Changes Since ILM 2007
  • FIM Installation
  • Deployment Topologies

Portal Configuration and Schema Model

  • Portal Configuration Basics
  • Visualizing Resources
  • Resource Types, Attributes, and Bindings
  • Typical Steps for Extending Schema
  • Lab : Portal Customization
  • Lab : Extending the Schema

Operation, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

  • Operations
  • Managing MPRs and Requests
  • Other Sources of Information
  • Lab : Examining the Cmdlets
  • Lab : Examining Requests

More Complex Workflows and MPRs

  • Time-based MPRs
  • Workflow Functions and Parameters
  • Custom Workflow Activities
  • Lab : Time-based MPRs
  • Lab : Using Functions and Parameters
  • Lab : Developing a Custom Workflow Activity

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