10176 Hands On Lab: Whats New for IT Professionals in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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This Hands-on Lab provides students with the knowledge and skills to become familiar with what is new for IT professionals in SharePoint 2010.


After completing this clinic, students will be able to:
  • Describe the design priorities for Exchange Server 2010
  • Configure the new client access features
  • Configure the new messaging policy and compliance features
  • Describe the new Unified Messaging features
  • Describe the new federated sharing features.


This course is intended for IT Professional messaging administrators and messaging engineers who serve as technical decision makers to evaluate new software, assess new software capabilities that:- Enable new business solutions- Improve IT services- Improve IT operations- These IT technical decision makers have at least 3 years experience working with Exchange Server and are familiar with Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 administration, basic Exchange design concepts, and the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer.


Defining an Initial SharePoint Server 2010 Architecture

  • Creating a SharePoint Server 2010 Services Architecture
  • Creating a SharePoint Server 2010 Farm Specification

Design a SharePoint Server 2010 Farm to Support the Solution Architecture

  • Create a Physical SharePoint Server 2010 Test Farm Architecture
  • Create a Physical Server Plan to Support the Solution Architecture
  • Create a SharePoint Server 2010 System Design

Administering SharePoint Server 2010 Using the Central Administration Web Site

  • Configure the Service Applications for the Solution Architecture
  • Designing SharePoint Server 2010 Search
  • Configuring the SharePoint Server 2010 Search Service and Custom Search Content Areas
  • Configuring Federated Search for SharePoint Server 2010
  • Managing Search Performance Parameters

Extending the SharePoint 2010 Service Architecture

  • Create an External Content Type Using SQL Server Data
  • Create a New SharePoint List Using an External Content Type
  • Integrate SharePoint Server 2010 BCS with the Microsoft Office System
  • Manage Claims-based Authentication

Managing System Security, Performance, and Data Protection

  • Health and Monitoring
  • Performance Controls
  • SharePoint Server 2010 Administration Using Windows PowerShell
  • Provision Managed Accounts
  • Built-in Backup and Restore Functionality
  • Automating Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

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