80576 Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013


Students will learn the processes required to enter, depreciate, and retire fixed assets and additional related functions such as changing asset information, mass changes, partial transfers and partial retirements.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Create asset records, asset books, asset classes, and asset book classes.
  • Maintain asset records using transfers, changes, and retirements.
  • Depreciate assets and post depreciation from Fixed Assets to General Ledger.
  • Understand the possible integration points Fixed Assets has with other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules.
  • Identify available utilities that are used to manage asset records.


This course is intended for someone wanting to learn the basic features and to develop a working knowledge of the typical day-to-day procedures required to effectively use Fixed Assets. The class is targeted toward data entry clerks, administrators; accountants, CEOs, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects of Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP and gain foundational knowledge of the application’s functionality.


Overview and Setup Procedures

  • Features and Benefits
  • Fixed Assets Processes and Integration
  • Configure the Fixed Assets Calendar
  • Enter Account Groups
  • Enter Fixed Assets Post Accounts
  • Create Insurance and Asset Class Records
  • Create Book Records
  • Create Book Class Records
  • Fixed Assets Company Setup
  • Create Location and Physical Location Records
  • Create Lease, Retirement and Structure Records
  • Fixed Assets User Preferences
  • Enter Existing Assets
  • Lab : Account Group Setup
  • Lab : Purchasing Posting Accounts Setup
  • Lab : Class Setup
  • Lab : Book Setup
  • Lab : Book Class Setup
  • Lab : Fixed Assets Company Setup

Daily Procedures

  • Asset General Information
  • Asset Account Information
  • Asset Book Information
  • Asset Insurance and Lease Records
  • Asset User Data
  • Payables Management Interface
  • Purchase Order Processing Interface
  • Lab : Asset General Information
  • Lab : Asset Book Information
  • Lab : Asset Book ITC Information
  • Lab : Payables Management Interface
  • Lab : Enter a Purchase Order for a Capital Item
  • Lab : Receive the Capital Item
  • Lab : Enter a Capital Item in Fixed Assets

Maintaining Records

  • Select Assets
  • Depreciation Projections
  • Changing Asset Information
  • Transferring Assets
  • Retire Assets
  • Retire Undo
  • Asset Utilities
  • Using Inquiries
  • Report Options and Printing
  • Report List
  • Lab : Select Assets
  • Lab : Depreciation Projection
  • Lab : Mass Change
  • Lab : Transfer an Asset
  • Lab : Partial Retirement
  • Lab : Retire Undo

Period-End Procedures

  • Period-End Procedures
  • Year-End Procedures
  • Lab : Depreciation
  • Lab : Fixed Assets to General Ledger Posting

Training provider

Teaching mode:
Classroom - Instructor Led
Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 1 day
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