80450 Delivering Microsoft Dynamics® Solutions with Sure Step


This course is an advanced training workshop that focuses on the Project Management area of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step. Students will assume the role of a Project Manager as they complete a case study.


After completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Understand project management essentials.
  • Identify waterfall fundamentals.
  • Exam agile essentials.
  • Examine how to prepare and plan for a Diagnostic phase.
  • Decide, plan, and deliver Sure Step decision accelerators.
  • Define the scope of the project based on results from the decision accelerator.
  • Guide the customer toward the most efficient implementation process and project type.
  • Produce time and cost estimates for the project.
  • Plan the resources for the project and plan for risks.
  • Prepare for and conduct the Kickoff meeting with the Customer.
  • Determine if a Solutions Overview is necessary.
  • Understand the Detailed Business Process Analysis.
  • Identify and document functional requirement Fits and Gaps.
  • Control scope creep by implementing proposal management.
  • Plan early for the Deployment phase by creating a deployment plan.
  • Learn how to use solution design documents.
  • Examine Performance Reporting and Status Reporting.
  • Plan and perform testing activities across different phases.
  • Conduct a tollgate review.
  • Examine the Sure Step Agile project type.
  • Prepare and conduct the cutover from the non-production to production environment.
  • Understand the importance of quality management during the Operation phase.
  • Identify how to work towards project closure.


his training is intended for Project Managers and Implementation Consultants responsible for managing Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and CRM implementations.


Introduction to Projects

  • What is a Project
  • Project Challenges
  • Project Management
  • Agile Models
  • Lab : List Characteristics of a Project
  • Lab : List Factors that Influence Projects
  • Lab : List Factors that Influence Projects

Introduction to Sure Step

  • Introduction to Sure Step
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Model
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Client
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Online
  • Project Repositories
  • Lab : Create and Modify a Project Template and Clone a Project

Project Planning and Solution Envisioning in the Diagnostic Phase

  • Position Solution Envisioning and the Diagnostic Phase.
  • Top-Down View on the Diagnostic Phase.
  • Overview and Positioning of Decision Accelerator offerings.
  • Introduction to the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Case Study.
  • Lab : Tailspin Toys Diagnostic and Solution Envisioning Lab

Delivering Decision Accelerators

  • Use the tools, templates, and links to help you deliver the Requirements and Process Review decision accelerator
  • Lab : Requirements and Process Review
  • Lab : Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint

Proposal Generation and Final Licensing and Services Agreements

  • Proposal Generation
  • Final Licensing and Services Agreement
  • Lab : Define the Project Type for the Case Study
  • Lab : Create the Tailspin Toys Project Charter

Proposal Generation and Final Licensing and Services Agreements

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communication Management
  • Managing Scope Changes
  • Resource Management
  • Lab : Identify and Manage Risks
  • Lab : Status Reporting
  • Lab : Issue Management
  • Lab : Managing Scope Changes

Waterfall Delivery

  • Analysis Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Lab : Prepare for the Tailspin Toys Kickoff Meeting
  • Lab : Conduct the Kickoff Meeting
  • Lab : Review a Detailed Business Process Analysis
  • Lab : Complete the Functional Requirements Document
  • Lab : Identify Gap Information
  • Lab : Identify Integration and Interface Requirements
  • Lab : Identify Issues
  • Lab : Document Changes
  • Lab : Create the Deployment Plan
  • Lab : Create a Fit Design in the Functional Design Document
  • Lab : Create a Gap design in the Functional design Document
  • Lab : Create a Solution Design Document
  • Lab : Create the Project Status Report
  • Lab : Unit and Function Testing
  • Lab : Prepare the Tollgate Review

Agile Delivery

  • Agile Preparation
  • Agile Execution
  • Lab : Create the Tailspin Toys Solution Backlog

Deployment Phase

  • Conduct User Training
  • Testing Activities During the Deployment phase
  • The Production environment
  • Create the Production Operations guide
  • Data migration
  • Go-Live
  • Lab : User Acceptance Testing
  • Lab : Create a Go-Live Cutover Plan

Operation Phase

  • Quality Management
  • Additional Operation Activities
  • Project Closure
  • Lab : Clear Pending Items
  • Lab : Conduct Closeout Meeting
  • Lab : Close project

Training provider

Teaching mode:
Classroom - Instructor Led
Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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Microsoft Dynamics
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Project management
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Agile management
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