80433 Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2013

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Students will learn the reporting features and the design of RoleTailored client reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the roles of reports and know the anatomy of a report.
  • Know how frequently used report properties are implemented in Report Definition Language Client (RDLC) report layouts.
  • Know how to build a request options page for the RDLC report layout.
  • Explain the structure of reports in Visual Studio Report Designer.
  • Document the User Experience (UX) guidelines for reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.
  • Know what the request options page in a report is used for and how to build a request options page for the RDLC report layout.
  • Learn how to implement sorting and filtering in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 reports.
  • Describe how to run a report from the RoleTailored client.
  • Run a stand-alone report by using Visual Studio.
  • Import and upgrade a report that has only a Classic report layout to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 report that has an RDLC layout.
  • Modify the RDLC layout.


This course is intended to a partner that sells and implements the reporting module to customers. The typical partner has an ERP background and is strong in accounting principles.


Creating Reports

  • Prerequisites
  • Anatomy of Reports
  • Creating the Dataset
  • Creating the Layout
  • Dataset Patterns
  • Report Properties
  • Building the Request Page
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Lab : Creating a Table Report
  • Lab : Creating a Matrix Report
  • Lab : Adding a Chart
  • Lab : Using a Gauge

Interactive Features

  • Working with Headers and Footers
  • Grouping
  • Using Images in a Report
  • Print Preview and Print Layout
  • Working with Visibility Options
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Working with Document Maps
  • Creating a Multi Column Report
  • Formatting Reports and Report Items
  • Lab : Adding Visibility Options
  • Lab : Adding Interactive Sorting
  • Lab : Adding a Document Map
  • Lab : Adding Pictures to a Report

Adding Code to a Report

  • Using Variables and C/AL Code in a Report
  • Working with Report Expressions
  • Understanding and Using Simple and Complex Expressions
  • Expression Examples
  • Anatomy of the Sales Invoice Report
  • Lab : Adding Conditional Formatting to a Report – Part I
  • Lab : Adding Conditional Formatting to a Report - Part II
  • Lab : Cleaning up the Report and Using the Company Logo from the Database

Design Considerations

  • Report Patterns and Recipes
  • Report Rendering Considerations
  • Pagination
  • Useful Information
  • Lab : Creating Green Bar Reports
  • Lab : Creating a Top X Report

Running Reports

  • The ReportViewer Control
  • Run a Report in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Hyperlinks to Reports
  • Run a Report from a SharePoint Site
  • Hyperlinks in a Report
  • Run a Stand-Alone Report in Visual Studio
  • Interesting Links
  • Lab : Add a Report to the RoleTailored Client
  • Lab : Call a Report from a Web Service

Upgrade Reports

  • How to Upgrade a Report to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Optimize the Dataset for the New Report Dataset Designer
  • The Windows Page File
  • Optimize the Layout for RDLC 2008
  • Determining which Reports to Upgrade
  • Lab : Redesigning a Customer List Report
  • Lab : Redesigning a Customer – Order Summary Report

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