80416 Application Integration Framework and Services in Microsoft Dynamics® AX 2012

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Students will gain information and insight on using Application Integration Framework and services to provide a programming model, tools and infrastructure support for integration of application functionality and data with Microsoft Dynamics AX.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify the high-level features of Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF).
  • Discuss integration planning and options.
  • Identify high-level flows in Services and AIF.
  • Discuss the topology of the Services and AIF model.
  • Describe moving service configurations by using integration ports in AIF.
  • Discuss the process of change tracking.
  • Identify the transforms available for customization in banking.
  • Discuss the installation process and the special considerations to be aware of for Services and AIF in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Identify the upgrade considerations for Services and AIF.
  • Set up batch for AIF and Services.
  • Describe the types and options for integration ports.
  • Identify the adapters that are available in Services and AIF.
  • Discuss the Document Service, Custom Services and System Services Service Types.
  • Understand the communication format that AIF uses to transmit data.
  • Explain how to manipulate requests in the AIF pipeline.
  • Use the Business Operations Framework.
  • Describe how services are secured in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Call an external service from X++.
  • Use the NetTcp adapter to call a custom service.
  • Create a new document exchange by using the NetTcp adapter.
  • Use the NetTcp adapter to synchronously exchange documents between BizTalk and AIF.
  • Create a new document exchange by using the file system adapter.
  • Create an MSMQ queue and exchange documents by using the queue.
  • Create a reference to the metadata service. - Call and retrieve data from a metadata service.
  • Set up the AIF components for an outbound exchange.
  • Create and test an outbound exchange.
  • Monitor Services and AIF capabilities.
  • Debug Services and identify common errors.


This course is intended for partners that sell and implement Application Integration Framework for customers. The typical student should have a development background and understand the basic concepts of Application Integration Framework and be familiar with the installation and configuration options in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Students should also have completed the group of Development courses for Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Introduction to Services and Application Integration Framework

  • Concepts
  • Integrations


  • High Level Features and Concepts
  • Topology
  • Usability
  • Support for Data Model Changes

Installation and Upgrade

  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Lab : Configure Services to Use IIS
  • Lab : Install MSMQ


  • Set Up Batch
  • Integration Ports
  • Adapters
  • Lab : Set Up Batch

Development Concepts

  • Service Types
  • Document Services
  • Custom Services
  • System Services
  • How AIF Exchanges Data
  • Customizing the AIF Pipeline
  • Business Operations Framework
  • Security
  • Lab : Add Validation and Defaulting to a Web ServiceLab : AIF Document Service WizardLab : Business Operations Framework

Working with Services

  • Call an External Service
  • Create and Call a Custom Service by Using a Basic Port
  • Call a Document Service by Using NetTcp
  • Call a Document Service with the File Adapter
  • Create a Synchronous Document Exchange between BizTalk and AIF
  • Exchange Documents by Using the MSMQ Adapter
  • Call the Metadata Service
  • Create and Deploy Outbound Exchange
  • Lab : Create and Call a Custom Service by Using a Basic PortLab : Call a Document Service by Using NetTcpLab : Call a Document Service with the File AdapterLab : Call the User Session ServiceLab : Create and Deploy an Outbound Exchange

Troubleshooting and Logging

  • Monitoring Services and AIF
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lab : Debugging Services

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Teaching mode:
Classroom - Instructor Led
Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 3 days
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