80050 Business Intelligence for Information Workers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

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This course focuses on internal reporting and analysis functionality, in addition to the means for sharing data outside of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment, either through XBRL—a language for tagging financial data—or by exporting data to Excel.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Explain business intelligence concepts.
  • Filter and access analysis pages in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Set up Account Schedules.
  • Explain terminology associated with XBRL.
  • Import and update taxonomies.
  • Attach, update, and apply linkbases to taxonomies.
  • Enter XBRL line definitions.
  • Export XBRL lines.
  • Enter dimensions in journals and documents.
  • View posted dimension information.
  • Set up analysis views.
  • Generate and print dimension analysis reports.
  • Describe Business Analytics and related terminology.
  • Describe the data warehouse and the elements of the data warehouse.
  • Set up a Business Analytics database and cube.
  • Set up virtual cubes and map existing dimensions to a cube.
  • Export analysis views to Office Excel 2007 and describe the elements of the exported file.
  • Work with analysis data that has been imported into Office Excel 2007.
  • Connect a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database to Office Excel 2007.


This course is intended for Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer and partner financial analysts who are responsible for creating business intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations.


Overview and Financial Reporting

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analyze the Chart of Accounts
  • Account Schedules
  • Lab : Create a Detailed Account Schedule


  • XBRL Terminology
  • XBRL Specifications and Taxonomies
  • Work with Linkbases
  • Enter XBRL Line Definitions
  • Export the XBRL Lines
  • Lab : Stock Exchange Reporting with XBRL

Financial Analysis

  • Enter Dimensions in Journals and Documents
  • View Posted Dimension Information
  • Analyze Financial Information Using Dimensions
  • Dimension Based Reports
  • Export the XBRL Lines
  • Lab : Create an Analysis View
  • Lab : Combine an Analysis View with an Account Schedule

Business Analytics

  • Business Analytics Overview
  • Terminology Associated with Business Analytics
  • Data Warehouse
  • Define a Configuration
  • Set Up and Schedule the Configurator
  • Additional Business Analytics Tasks
  • Lab : Create a New BA Database and Cube

Analyze Microsoft Dynamics NAV Data in Microsoft Office Excel 2007

  • Export Analysis Views to Excel 2007
  • Work with Data in Excel 2007
  • Connect Excel 2007 to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database
  • Lab : Export an Analysis View to Excel 2007
  • Lab : Review Exported Analysis Views Side-by-Side

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Duration: 1 day
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