6433 Planning and Implementing Windows Server 2008

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This course provides material for:
Microsoft Exam code: Exam 70-646
Certificate: MCSA: Windows Server 2008


This course incorporates both the planning of the server infrastructure and key aspects of the implementation, management and maintenance of Active Directory and Network Infrastructure.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Plan for both Windows Server 2008 installation and upgrade from a previous version of Windows Server to Windows Server 2008.
  • Plan and implement network connectivity in Windows Server 2008 by using IPv4-related technologies and plan a migration strategy to IPv6.
  • Plan the deployment of Active Directory–related services in Windows Server 2008.
  • Apply the design considerations for implementing group policy.
  • Plan the configuration of different applications services in Windows Server 2008.
  • Create a plan for file and print services to meet an organization’s printing, file storage, and access needs.
  • Create a plan to secure the Windows Server 2008 environment.
  • Create local and remote administration strategies for administering a Windows Server 2008 environment.
  • Create a monitoring plan for the Windows Server 2008 environment.
  • Create a plan that will help mitigate the effects of various disaster scenarios on the IT infrastructure.
  • Create a plan for using virtualization in a Windows Server 2008 environment.


This course is intended for a server administrator who is moving from a technical-specialist role to a decision-making role and who wants to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to plan for Windows Server 2008 servers.


Planning Server Deployment and Upgrade

  • Developing a Deployment Strategy
  • Virtualization Considerations
  • Selecting an Automation Strategy
  • Implementing an Automation Strategy
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Server Deployment

Planning Server Management and Delegated Administration

  • Server Management Tools
  • Decentralizing Systems Administration
  • Lab : Implementing Role Based Systems Administration

Planning Network Addressing and Name Resolution

  • Provisioning IPv4 Addresses on Enterprise Networks
  • Provisioning IPv6 Addresses on Enterprise Networks
  • Transitioning to IPv6
  • Provisioning DNS Services on Enterprise Networks
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing DHCP and DNS

Planning and Provisioning Active Directory Domain Services

  • Deploying Domain Controllers in Multi-Site Organizations
  • Planning Administrative and Management Structures for AD DS
  • Planning a Maintenance Strategy for AD DS
  • Planning a Backup and Restore Strategy for AD DS
  • Lab : Planning and Provisioning AD DS

Planning Group Policy Strategy

  • Planning Group Policy Settings
  • Planning Group Policy Assignment
  • Planning the Management of Group Policy Objects
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Group Policy

Planning Active Directory Certificate Services

  • Enterprise PKI Deployment and Administration
  • Managing Certificate Templates
  • Planning Certificate Enrollment and Revocation
  • Lab : Configuring Certificate Services

Planning and Provisioning Application Servers

  • Planning and Provisioning Web Services
  • Planning and Provisioning Presentation Virtualization
  • Planning and Provisioning Application Virtualization
  • Lab : Planning and Provisioning Application Servers

Planning File and Print Services

  • Provisioning File Services
  • Provisioning and Managing Storage
  • Provisioning and Managing Network Print Services
  • Migrating File and Print Services
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing File and Print Services

Planning Network Access

  • Planning Network Security
  • Planning Virtual Private Networks
  • Planning Network Access Protection
  • Planning DirectAccess
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Network Access

Provisioning Data and Storage

  • Planning and Implementing Distributed File System
  • Planning and Implementing BranchCache
  • Provisioning Storage
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Data Access

Planning Update Deployment

  • WSUS Topologies
  • Update Management
  • Lab : Multi-Site WSUS Deployment

Planning High Availability

  • Planning Network Load Balancing
  • Planning Failover Clustering
  • Planning for Service Availability
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing High Availability

Planning Performance and Event Monitoring

  • Monitoring and Analyzing Server Performance
  • Managing Events
  • Lab : Event Log Forwarding

Enterprise Backup and Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery Concepts
  • Planning Windows Server Backup
  • Planning and Administering Recovery
  • Lab : Backup and restore from VHD

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