55045 Microsoft SharePoint 2013 End to End Business Intelligence Boot Camp

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Students are introduced to the SQL 2012 Business Intelligence and SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence services including PerformancePoint Service, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services, Visio Services and the Business Intelligence Center.


This course is intended for Project Managers, Business Intelligence Developers, SQL Server Developers and IT Professionals that will be involved with the design, development and maintenance of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence solutions. The course introduces each of the services and minimizes or eliminates any coding.


Course Overview

  • Introduction
  • Course Materials
  • Facilities
  • Prerequisites
  • What We'll Be Discussing
  • Lab 1: Course Overview

The Business Intelligence Stack

  • Business Intelligence in Three Ways
  • SQL 2012 Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence
  • PowerPivot
  • Lab 1: The Business Intelligence Stack

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2012

  • What’s New?
  • Overview of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • SSIS Tools
  • Change Data Capture
  • SQL Server Integration Services Scripting
  • Variables, Parameters, and Expressions
  • Package Deployment
  • Lab 1: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2012

SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Semantic Model (Multidimensional Mode)

  • The Data Warehouse/Data Mart
  • The Tools
  • Key Concepts
  • Data Sources
  • Data Views
  • Cubes
  • Data Profiler
  • Proactive Cache
  • Deployment
  • Wizards
  • Lab 1: SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Semantic Model (Multidimensional Mode)

Microsoft Multidimensional Expressions

  • Concepts in Multidimensional Space
  • Basic MDX Statements
  • SQL Server Management Studio MDX Query Editor
  • Navigating Hierarchies
  • Working with Time
  • MDX Calculations
  • Lab 1: Microsoft Multidimensional Expressions

SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Semantic Model (Tabular Mode)

  • The Tabular Model
  • Data Analytic Expressions (DAX)
  • The Editor
  • Data Connections
  • Creating a Tabular Project
  • Relationships
  • Measures and Calculated Columns
  • Hierarchies
  • Perspectives
  • KPIs
  • Partitions
  • Processing
  • Deployment
  • Lab 1: SQL 2012 Business Intelligence Semantic Model (Tabular Mode)

SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

  • Report Lifecycles
  • Installation Modes
  • Report Creation Tools
  • Data Sources
  • Datasets
  • Basic Reports
  • Graphics
  • Maps
  • Report Parts
  • Lab 1: SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

Master Data Services

  • What is Master Data Management?
  • System Roles
  • Master Data vs. Transactional Data
  • Master Data Services ETL
  • Master Data Services Key Concepts
  • Lab 1: Master Data Services

Data Mining/Predictive Analytics

  • Definitions for Our Purpose
  • Problems Addressed
  • Business Analytics
  • Key Concepts
  • Microsoft Data Mining Process
  • Data Mining Tasks
  • Microsoft Algorithms
  • Matching the Tasks to the Algorithm
  • Data Mining Add-in for Excel
  • PowerPivot for Excel
  • Lab 1: Data Mining/Predictive Analytics

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center

  • User Interface
  • Libraries and Lists (Apps)
  • Permissions
  • Quick Architecture
  • Central Administration
  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center

SharePoint 2013 Excel Services

  • New 2013 Excel Services Features
  • Core Components
  • Excel Web Access (EWA)
  • What Excel Web Access is Not
  • SharePoint Libraries to Store Workbooks
  • Power View Excel 2013 and SharePoint 2013
  • Excel Web Access Web Part
  • Excel Interactive View
  • Best Practices
  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 Excel Services

SharePoint 2013 PerformancePoint 2013

  • What’s New?
  • PerformancePoint Object Hierarchy
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Dashboards (Web Part Page)
  • Indicators
  • Data Sources
  • Key Performance Indicators as PerformancePoint Objects
  • Scorecards
  • Filters
  • Dashboards (Web Part Page) Revisited
  • Dashboard Designer Management
  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 PerformancePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Visio Services

  • What’s New in Visio Services 2013?
  • Visio Graphics Service
  • Visio Drawings in the Browser
  • Visio Graphics Web Access Part
  • Visio Drawings with Data Connections
  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 Visio Services


  • PowerPivot and Excel 2013
  • PowerPivot and SharePoint
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence and PowerPivot
  • Enriching Data
  • Lab 1: PowerPivot

SharePoint 2013 Business Connectivity Services

  • What is Business Connectivity Services?
  • BCS Terminology
  • Business Connectivity Services and Apps From SharePoint 2013
  • Using SharePoint Designer with BCS
  • Surfacing the BCS Data
  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 Bu

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