55037 SharePoint 2013 Search Inside Out

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Students will learn how to create simple and advanced search topologies like Content Sources, Result Sources, Query Suggestions and custom dictionaries.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge essential to the setup, configuration and management of SharePoint 2013 Search!


Anyone tasked with the architecture design, setup, configuration and administration of SharePoint 2013 Search.



  • A simple introduction module

Creating, Configuring and Upgrading Search Service Applications

  • SharePoint Search
  • Exploring Search Architecture and Topologies
  • Creating and Configuring Search Services Applications
  • Configuring Cross-Farm Services
  • Upgrading Search Service Applications
  • Lab : Creating Search Service Applications (Central Admin)
  • Lab : Creating Search Service Applications (PowerShell)
  • Lab : Configuring for Cross-farm services
  • Lab : Configuring for Multi-Tenancy
  • Lab : Upgrading Search Service Applications

Configuring Search

  • Content Sources
  • Crawling
  • Search Schemas
  • Customizing Search Results
  • Lab : Configuring Search (Central Admin)
  • Lab : Configuring Search (PowerShell)
  • Lab : Crawling Special Sources
  • Lab : Configuring Crawl and Managed Properties
  • Lab : Working with Search Schemas

Customizing Search Center

  • Search Center Introduction
  • Customizing Search Center
  • Lab : Customizing Search Center
  • Lab : Creating Refiners
  • Lab : Content Query Web Part

Performing Search Queries

  • Performing Queries
  • Programming Searches
  • Configuring Federated Sources
  • Lab : Performing Search Queries
  • Lab : Programming Searches
  • Lab : Configuring and Searching Federated Sources

Search Tuning

  • Tuning Search
  • Ranking Models
  • Lab : Search Tuning
  • Lab : Ranking Models

Extending Search

  • IFilters and Protocol Handler
  • Business Connectivity Connectors
  • Content Enrichment Service
  • Ceres Engine
  • Lab : Content Enrichment Services
  • Lab : Business Connectivity Connectors
  • Lab : BCS With Data Warehouse
  • Lab : Creating IFilters
  • Lab : Working with Ceres Flows

Maintaining Search

  • Backup and Restore
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Lab : Backup Search
  • Lab : Restore Search
  • Lab : Maintenance Tasks
  • Lab : Establishing Index Redundancy

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Search

  • Search Reporting & Analytics
  • Monitoring Search
  • Troubleshooting Search
  • Lab : Monitoring Search
  • Lab : Troubleshooting Search

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Classroom - Instructor Led
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Duration: 5 days
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