CVA-500-2I Architecting a Citrix Virtualization Solution

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This course provides material for:
Citrix Exam code: 1Y0-A16
Certificate: Citrix Certified Integration Architect for Virtualization certification


This course will provide students with the key considerations for managing the project, assessing environment readiness and risks and designing the appropriate solution according to Citrix best practices.


Upon completion of this course, learners are able to:
  • Describe the phases of the Citrix Consulting Methodology and distinguish between Assessment and Design projects.
  • Determine the type of information to be collected about the existing desktop infrastructure and supporting processes.
  • Describe how applications can be delivered within a Citrix virtualization infrastructure.
  • Identify the server performance metrics that determine whether a server is a good virtualization candidate.
  • Identify areas of the network architecture that should be included in an infrastructure assessment.
  • Identify which factors to check when assessing security and the user authentication process.
  • Gather data about testing, control and support processes, as well as user issues, backup and recovery plans in an environment.
  • Define the purpose of the conceptual architecture diagram, documentation and validation process.
  • Evaluate and recommend delivery methods for application types.
  • Recognize tuning and optimizations that can improve the performance of the operating system and server.
  • Describe the design considerations for the Desktop Delivery Controller and Citrix XenDesktop farms.
  • Identify options for providing Provisioning Services bootstrap redundancy and available network optimizations for Provisioning Services.
  • Determine the optimal shared storage design to provide high availability for vDisks and the optimal vDisk type to implement in an environment.
  • Determine the appropriate network design for a XenServer implementation in an environment.
  • Determine how to configure an Access Gateway implementation for an environment.
  • Describe general ICA protocol optimization techniques.
  • Evaluate design considerations for integrating Branch Repeater into an Access Gateway design.
  • Recognize how risk can impact a virtualization solution.


This course is intended for IT professionals, such as Server, Network and Systems Engineers. Systems Integrators, Systems Administrators and Application Engineers are also appropriate candidates for this course.


Project Management

  • Overview
  • Citrix Consulting Methodology
  • Assessment and Design Projects
  • Documentation

Business Goals

  • 3-to-5 Year Plan
  • Growth
  • IT Projects

User Community

  • User Groups
  • Endpoints
  • Usage Habits
  • User Locations
  • User Satisfaction

Operating System Delivery

  • Desktop Images
  • Image Build Process
  • Desktop Maintenance

Application Delivery

  • General Applications
  • Special Applications
  • Application User Groups
  • Application Virtualization

Server Virtualization

  • Current Solution
  • Physical Server Assessment


  • Server Hardware
  • Network Architecture
  • Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Databases

Security and Personalization

  • Authentication
  • Permissions
  • A/V
  • Logon Scripts
  • Profiles
  • Active Directory Policies

Operations and Support

  • Monitoring and Management
  • Testing and Change Control
  • Support
  • Disaster Recovery

Conceptual Architecture

  • Executive Summary
  • Enterprise Design

Virtualization Infrastructure Design

  • Virtualized Components
  • Server Hardware
  • Network Configuration
  • High Availability
  • Storage
  • Resource Pool Design
  • Capacity Planning
  • Physical Server Migration

Operating System Delivery Design

  • Provisioning Services Operating System
  • Hardware
  • Capacity Planning
  • HA
  • Cache
  • Farm Design
  • A/V
  • Bootstrap Redundancy
  • Device Collections
  • Optimization
  • SQL Database
  • vDisk Storage Location
  • Enterprise Storage
  • vDisk Type
  • Write Cache Encryption

Application Delivery Design

  • Applications
  • Integration
  • Application Streaming Cache
  • Optimizations

Desktop Delivery Design

  • Desktop Delivery Controller
  • Farm Design
  • Virtual Machine Specifications
  • Desktop Groups
  • Desktop Images
  • Profiles Design
  • Policy Design
  • Desktop Monitoring

Access Design

  • Resource Delivery
  • Access Scenarios
  • External Site Access
  • Access Gateway Deployment Modes
  • Server Load Balancing

Delivery Optimization

  • ICA Acceleration
  • WAN Acceleration
  • Branch Repeater and Access Gateway Integration
  • Integration

Business Continuity Design

  • Component Failover
  • Site Failover

Capstone Exercise

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