CTX-1735 Citrix NetScaler 8.1: Operations, Administration and Advanced Features

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This course prepares administrators and other IT professionals to successfully deploy, administer, and configure Citrix NetScaler 8.1.


Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to perform the following: -
  • Identify Citrix NetScaler products, hardware platforms and hardware components
  • Identify common deployment scenarios and deployment considerations
  • Identify NetScaler system installation requirements
  • Describe the installation process
  • Log in to the NetScaler system
  • Identify NetScaler system
  • owned IP addresses
  • Upgrade system software
  • Manage licenses
  • Enable features
  • Manage administration accounts
  • Configure high availability
  • Create servers and services
  • Configure health checks
  • Create load balancing virtual servers
  • Enable persistence
  • Configure advanced load balancing options
  • Identify common SSL deployments
  • Create, upload and bind certificates
  • Configure advanced SSL offload options
  • Configure policy engine expressions
  • Bind content filter actions
  • Configure compression policies
  • Create and bind content switching virtual servers and policies
  • Configure auditing
  • Configure client IP address insertion
  • Configure monitoring using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Configure Global Server Load Balancing
  • Configure advance load balancing
  • Understand Advanced Policy Engine expressions
  • Configure responder and rewrite features
  • Secure the NetScaler system communication
  • Configure monitoring with SNMP
  • Implement troubleshooting procedures


This course is intended for system administrators or network operations personnel, who configure and administer Citrix NetScaler products.


Introducing and Deploying Citrix NetScaler

  • Citrix NetScaler Functions and Features
  • NetScaler Product Line
  • Deployment Scenarios

Performing an Initial Installation and Configuration

  • Installation Requirements
  • NetScaler System Installation
  • Initial Configuration

Performing Basic Administration

  • NetScaler Administrative Tools
  • NetScaler Management

Configuring High Availability

  • Introduction to High Availability
  • HA Node Configuration
  • HA Management

Configuring Load Balancing

  • Introduction to Load Balancing
  • Service Monitoring
  • Load Balancing Virtual Servers
  • Advanced Load Balancing Options
  • Service and Virtual Server Management

Configuring SSL Offload

  • SSL and Digital Certificates
  • SSL Offload
  • Server Certificates
  • SSL Deployment Decisions
  • Front-End SSL with Backend HTTP
  • Front-End SSL with Backend SSL
  • Front-End SSL_TCP with Backend TCP
  • SSL Administration

Configuring Policy Engine Expressions

  • Introduction to Policies
  • Policy Types and Their Uses
  • Expression Structures
  • Policy Syntax

Configuring Content Filtering

  • Introduction to Content Filtering
  • Filter Actions

Configuring Compression

  • Compression Benefits
  • Compression Policies
  • Associated Compression Actions

Configuring Content Switching

  • Introduction to Content Switching
  • Content Switching Virtual Servers
  • Content Switching Policies

Auditing and Logging

  • Syslog and Nslog Auditing
  • Client IP Address Insertion
  • NetScaler Log Management


  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2
  • SNMPv3
  • Statistical Utility
  • Monitoring Tool

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

  • Understanding the GSLB architecture
  • Reviewing DNS and GSLB concepts
  • Configuring traditional GSLB implementation
  • Configuring proximity based GSLB implementation

Advanced Policy Engine

  • Understanding Advanced Policy Engine
  • Understanding elements of a policy

Responder and Rewrite Features

  • Understanding responder and rewrite features
  • Understanding processing flow with responder and rewrite
  • Configuring basic policies and actions
  • Understanding actions in detail
  • Configuring Advanced Policy Engine processing: banks and targets

Advanced Load Balancing Topics

  • Understanding load balancing
  • Configuring extended content verification monitors
  • Understanding token and hashing based load balancing
  • Understanding sessionless load balancing

Monitoring the NetScaler using Simple Network Management Protocol

  • Reviewing SNMP basics
  • Polling SNMP statistics on the NetScaler system using Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)

Securing the NetScaler

  • Securing NetScaler system communication
  • Creating Access Control Lists
  • Securing the NetScaler system using RPCNode
  • Configuring external authentication

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Reviewing NetScaler overview
  • Understanding Nsconmsg and newnslog commands
  • Understanding nstrace command
  • Understanding statistics in the CLI
  • Understanding statistics in the Dashboard

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 5 days
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