CNS-200-1I Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.0

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In this couse, students will gain an understanding of NetScaler features such as load balancing, SSL offload, classic and advanced expressions, rate limiting and AppExpert templates.




Introducing and Deploying Citrix NetScaler

  • NetScaler Request Switching
  • Product Features
  • Identifying NetScaler 9.0 Enhancements
  • Product Editions
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Hardware Components
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Identifying Deployment Considerations
  • Identifying Network Placement Options

Performing an Initial Configuration

  • Management Connectivity
  • NetScaler Administrative Tools
  • Using the Configuration Utility
  • Using the Command-Line Interface
  • Monitoring the NetScaler System
  • Managing System Functions Through FreeBSD
  • Using Third-Party Tools
  • NetScaler System Installation
  • Logging in to the NetScaler System
  • Setting up the NetScaler System
  • Changing the Password
  • Performing Initial Configuration
  • Saving the Configuration
  • Enabling Network Time Protocol
  • NetScaler Management
  • Performing an Upgrade
  • Managing Licensing
  • Enabling NetScaler Features
  • Managing Role-Based Administration
  • NetScaler System Communication
  • Security Management
  • Securing Internal Services
  • Configuring Secure System Access


  • Introduction to NetScaler Networking
  • NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses
  • Routing Traffic Using Layer 3 Mode
  • Switching Traffic Using Layer 2 Mode
  • Sending a Client IP Address to Servers
  • Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Network Address Translation
  • Configuring Reverse Network Address Translation
  • Access Control Lists
  • Configuring Access Control Lists
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol

Configuring High Availability

  • Introduction to High Availability
  • High Availability Node Configuration
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Verifying High Availability Status
  • Propagation and Synchronization
  • Performing a Forced Failover
  • High Availability Management
  • Failover Interface Set

Configuring Load Balancing

  • Load-Balancing Topology
  • Entity Management
  • Creating Servers
  • Creating Services
  • Creating Virtual Servers
  • Creating Entity Templates
  • Service Monitoring
  • Identifying Monitor Parameters
  • Performing HTTP Monitoring
  • Load-Balancing Methods
  • Service Weights
  • Entity Binding
  • Session Persistence
  • Other Load-Balancing Options
  • Other Load-Balancing Methods
  • Load Balancing Visualizer

Monitoring and Maintaining Load Balancing

  • Load-Balancing Traffic Types
  • Extended Content Verification (ECV) Monitors
  • Performing HTTP-INLINE Monitoring
  • Setting Monitor Thresholds
  • Token and Hashing-Based Load Balancing
  • Configuring Load Monitors
  • Service and Virtual Server Management
  • Troubleshooting Load-Balancing

Configuring SSL Offload

  • SSL and Digital Certificates
  • SSL Offload
  • Server Certificates
  • SSL Deployment Decisions
  • Deploying Front-End SSL with Back-End HTTP
  • Deploying Front-End SSL with Back-End SSL
  • Deploying Front-End SSL_TCP with Back-End TCP
  • Deploying SSL_BRIDGE
  • SSL Administration
  • Generating a Key
  • Generating a Certificate Signing Request
  • Generating a Certificate for Testing
  • Creating a Certkey
  • Binding a Certkey
  • Advanced SSL Settings

Configuring Content Filtering Using Classic Policies

  • Policy Basics
  • HTTP and HTTPS Traffic
  • Expression Structures
  • Qualifiers, Operators and Expression Values
  • Identifying Simple Expressions
  • Identifying Compound Expressions
  • Introduction

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