JavaScript Essentials

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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to work effectively with JavaScript using the most up to date coding style; understand JSON, functions, events, and feature detection; utilize the new HTML5 elements and the related API; as well as explore new features including geo-location, local storage, and more.


Introduction to JavaScript & the Web

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Where Do My Scripts Go?
  • Your First Simple JavaScript Program
  • Writing More JavaScript
  • A Brief Look at Browsers and Compatibility Problems

Data Types & Variables

  • Types of Data in JavaScript
  • Variables - Storing Data in Memory
  • Using Data - Calculations and Basic String Manipulations
  • Data Type Conversion
  • Arrays

Decisions & Loops

  • Decision Making—The if and switch Statements
  • Looping—The for and while Statements

Functions & Scope

  • Creating Your Own Functions
  • Scope and Lifetime
  • Functions and Values

JavaScript - An Object-Based Language

  • Object-Based Programming
  • JavaScript’s Native Object Types
  • Creating Your Own Custom Objects
  • Creating New Types of Objects (Reference Types)

String Manipulation

  • Additional String Methods
  • Regular Expressions
  • The String Object
  • Using the RegExp Object’s Constructor

Data, Time, and Timers

  • World Time
  • Timers in a Web Page

Programming the Browser

  • Introduction to the Browser’s Objects
  • Determining the User’s Browser

DOM Scripting

  • The Web Standards
  • The Document Object Model
  • Manipulating the DOM


  • Types of Events
  • Connecting Code to Events
  • The Standard Event Model
  • Event Handling in Old Versions of Internet Explorer
  • Writing Cross-Browser Code
  • Native Drag and Drop

HTML Forms: Interacting with the User

  • HTML Forms
  • Traditional Form Object Properties and Methods
  • HTML5 Form Object Properties and Methods


  • XML
  • JSON

Data Storage

  • Baking Your First Cookie
  • Creating a Cookie
  • Getting a Cookie's Value


  • What is Ajax?
  • Using the XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Creating a Simple Ajax Module
  • Validating Form Fields with Ajax
  • Things to Watch Out For

HTML5 Media

  • A Primer
  • Scripting Media


  • Getting jQuery
  • jQuery's API

Other JavaScript Libraries

  • Digging into Modernizer
  • Diving into Prototype
  • Delving into MooTools

Common Mistakes, Debugging, & Error Handling

  • D’oh! I Can’t Believe I Just Did That: Some Common Mistakes
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging

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This skill has an average salary of
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